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Designators are spoken before the badge number, e.g. "Boy 123"


B Boy Capitol Security units patrolling on bicycles
C Charles Cadets
G George Officers transporting the Governor (includes Governor's spouse and Lieutenant Governor). Most commonly used by the Executive Protection Unit.
D David Detectives
J Jay Employee of another State, County or Federal Agency
K King (Canine) Officer with a bomb or drug dog in service. The dogs are commissioned and have their own badge numbers.
M Mary Motorcycle officers
O Ocean Off-duty personnel
X "eks" "Civil service" employee of the Washington State Patrol

Other agencies

Some of the most commonly used designators are:

W Wildlife State Fish and Wildlife Officers/Agents, etc.
L Liquor Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board
P Parks State Park Rangers
FR Fraud DSHS Fraud Investigators
T Tom DOT- Incident Response/Service Patrol
F Forest U.S. Forest Service
DOC Corrections DOC Corrections Officers/Buses
LI Labor L&l Investigators
H Homeland Department of Homeland Security
G Gaming Washington State Gambling Commission
BLM BLM Bureau of Land Management
BN Burlington Northern Burlington Northern Railroad Police
UP Union Pacific Union Pacific Railroad Police
CA Child Admin DSHS Children's Administration (CPS)
N Nora Allied Agency OREs
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