Marine Coast Station KLB

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Marine Coast Station KLB

This is the KLB transmitter. It is often described as being in Seattle however it is really between
Arlington and Silvana.  It is located on the north side of Highway 530 a few miles west of Interstate 5.
The dish on the south tower is a 900mhz link that connects it to the receive
site which is a few miles away. The receive site is on the north side of Lake Loma
(NE corner of the intersection of 154th St NW and 16th Ave NW).
If memory serves, the receive site is 3 towers with fixed yagis plus a T2FD folded dipole.
The receivers are ICOM R7000's.  The telco sold KLB to SeaWave LLC, and I think it might have
changed hands since to Telarus and then the company that owns WLO.  Sorry I don't have pics
of the receive site yet.
Transmit site pictures:
Wide-angle shot of both towers


Wide shot of both towers


North tower


North tower close up


South tower


South tower close up


South tower beam


South tower beam/dish close up


Folded dipole between towers


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