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Unlike most other trunked radio systems, LTR Systems do not have unique IDs set by the system administrator. In order to distinguish between the many different LTR systems in the Intercept Radio database, each separate system is assigned an ID number for use in the Intercept DB. These numbers have no meaning to scanners and don't need to be programmed in.

L0001 WATiger Mt, 450, Action Communications
L0002 WAGold Mt, 450, Action Communications
L0003 WATiger Mt, 450, Waste Management
L0004 WABuck Mt, 450, Waste Management
L0005 WAunk, 450, Greenwood Communications
L0006 WAunk, 450, Greenwood Communications
L0007 WAunk, 450, Greenwood Communications
L0008 WABuck Mt, 450, Action Communications
L0009 WADevils Mt, 800, Wiztronics
L0010 WAUnk, 450, Day Wireless
L0011 WAUnk, 450, Day Wireless
L0012 WAunk, 800, Wiztronics
L0013 WAunk, 450, Whislers Communications
L0014 WAunk, 800, Stoneway Concrete/Riverview School Dist/etc. See L0015. Same system ?
L0015 WAunk, 800, Riverview School Dist/etc. See L0014. Same system ?
L0016 WAunk, 450, Action Communications - Probably part of L0001, L0002, or L0008
L0017 WAunk, 450, Action Communications - Part of another system ?
L0018 WAunk, 450, AT&T - need to verify this one
L0019 WAunk, 450, Used by Stanwood-Camano school dist.
L0020 WAunk, 450, Action Communications - Part of another system ?
L0021 WAunk, 800, Cadman / North Kitsap school buses etc.
L0022 WABellevue Place
L0023 WAUW Bothell
L1001 CAunk, 450, 454 splinter system. Unlicensed. Unconfirmed claims it belongs to TouchTel Mobile.
L1002 CAMt. Lukens, 450, Alliance Comm. Unconfirmed claims it belongs to MRA on Mt. Wilson
L1003 CAOat Mt, 450, MRA
L1004 CAunk, 450, 454 splinter system. Unlicensed. Unconfirmed claims it belongs to TouchTel Mobile in OC.
L1005 CAunk, 450, Jose Ramirez. Either on Mt. Lukens or Oat Mt.
L1006 CAMt. Lukens, 450, MRA
L1007 CAMt. Lukens, 450, MRA - Possibly part of L1006 but no proof that talkgroups go across channel groups.
L1008 CAunk, 470, NSTN - Probably Mt Lukens, Glendale, or Oat Mt. Unconfirmed claims it may be on Sunset Ridge.
L1009 CAVerdugo Mtns, 470, NSTN
L1010 CAMt. Lukens, 470, NSTN
L1011 CASan Rafael Hills, 470, NSTN
L1012 CAunk, 450, unk
L1013 CAunk, 450, Acumen Comm ?
L1014 CAunk, 500, Nextel - on Oat or Lukens
L1015 CAunk, 450, Unlicensed 454 splinter system. Unverified claims it may be PSI in El Toro (OC).
L1016 CAunk, 470, NSTN - on Verdugo or Lukens
L1017 CAunk, 500, NMDL - on Oat or Lukens
L1018 CAunk, 470, NSTN - on Verdugo or Lukens
L1019 CAunk, 500, Communication Enterprises or Nextel
L1020 CAunk, 450, 454 splinter system
L1021 CASunset Ridge, 450, MRA
L1022 CAunk, 450, MRA Sunset Ridge or Alliance Comm Lukens
L1023 CAunk, 450, unk
L1024 CAunk, 450, unk - unverified claims it may be MRA on Santiago Peak
L1025 CAunk, 450, unk - may be NSTN Lukens/San rafael Hills or NSTN Santiago Pk.
L1026 CAunk, 450, 454 splinter system
L1027 CAunk, 450, probably JCrawford on Mt. Wilson.
L1028 CAunk, 500, Communication Enterprises - probably Mt. Lukens or Sunset Ridge
L1029 CAunk, 450, MRA Saddle Pk
L1030 CAOat Mt, 500, Communication Enterprises
L1031 CAunk, 150, Licensed to Alliance Comm on Lukens
L1032 CAunk, 450, Licensed to JRamirez on Lukens
L1033 CAunk, 450, unk
L1034 CAunk, 450, unk
L1035 CAPalos Verdes, 450, MRA
L1036 CAunk, 470, unk
L1037 CAunk, 500, unk - possibly Comm Ent on Oat Mt.
L1038 CAunk, 450, unk - possibly A1A on Lukens
L1039 CAunk, 450, unk
L1040 CAunk, 450, unk
L1041 CAunk, 450, unk
L1042 CAunk, 450, unk
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