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Kenwood TK-785 / TK785 information

Kenwood TK-785-1

This radio is usable in the 220 ham band.

You need to install TK-780 firmware first !

Note: this radio uses an "N" connector

Program the radio with the KPG-49D software (this is the same software used to program a TK-780).

Put in the normal TX frequency.

Because of the firmware, the RX frequency needs to be programmed 89.7 mhz lower than the actual RX freq. (Must set channel to Narrowband, not the default of Wideband!)

TX filter drops off at 240mhz

rx bandpass 217-235mhz (215-237mhz w/slightly less sensitivity) rx bandpass centered on 226mhz, 224-230mhz very flat!

set NARROW squelch to 227 (225 low edge threshold, some static) (220 is too low)

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