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Kenwood TK-780 / TK780 information

TK780 136-162mhz model

Here is how to set up radio to do 135-178 tx/rx:

open radio locate two holes (pll adjustment) bottom hole TC109 tx vco (shouldn't need adjustment, does 135-178)

middle hole TC106 rx vco (shouldn't need adjustment, does 130-178)

Use KPG49D programming software and set "Sensitivity" to 7 (low), 75 (medium), 155 (high) These settings control the varactor diodes in the front end preselector. (original settings were 54/150/222)

Adjust front end by feeding 100-200mhz into the antenna with a tracking generator and put a spectrum analyzer on TP2. Adjust L201/202 & L203/204

Other info: top hole is VR1 (tx power) right hole (under speaker) is L5 or L6 (discriminator?)

4 inductors on left (top to bottom) are: L201(top), L202, L203, L204(bottom)

Receiver circuit goes from antenna thru L201/202, thru an RF Amp transistor,

then thru L203/204.
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