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Here are some notes related to how I converted a Cisco 7960 phone to a SIP image.

Once this is done the 7960 will work as a standalone SIP phone.

I tested it by using a crossover cable to directly connect the 7960 to a laptop running SipXphone.

echo -n "text" >> file 
will write a line of text to the end of a file without adding the newline character.  (need to do this for OS79XX.TXT)

**#  to unlock phone config

**#** to reboot phone

put static ip & tftp server ip into phone config

switch from P00 and P0S filenames each time you upgrade

upgrade sequence:

P00303010102  (may need to shorten filename to 8 chars)


P0S3-04-3-00  (last version of unsigned code)

 menu 9 to unlock, password: cisco

disable dhcp, put static ip & tftp server ip into phone config

P0S3-06-3-00 in both OS79XX.TXT and SIPDefault.cnf   (need both bin and sbn for this upgrade)

P003-07-4-00 in OS79XX.TXT and P0S3-07-4-00 SIPDefault.cnf   (need bin, sb2, and loads + P003 bin & sbn for this upgrade)

 phone will do a two-step load process

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