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Posted by cellgirl on March 06, 2001 at 14:32:27:

In Reply to: More imput cell quake day posted by Mark on March 03, 2001 at 20:05:06:

I have Airtouch/Verizon Wireless.

For several hours after the quake, when originating calls, I would hear a couple rings, then a male voice saying "all circuits busy now".

That tells me the call got throught the cell switch (which gives back the rings), and the male voice indicates a cell system error message, not a wireline system message.

My assumption is that the cell tower to switch path was fine, but that there were not enough local and intralata trunks to the wireline system, which couldn't handle the volume of calls.

If the problem was an overloaded cell system (too busy for the mobile to gain a control channel) I would have expected a fast busy.

About 3 hours after the quake, I started trying to reach a cell phone in the Olympia area (unknown provider). About half the time I'd get the above response; the other half of the time I simply got dead air for quite some time, and an error on the phone readout saying something about the call not able to be completed. There could be a few reasons for this depending on who's service I was trying to connect to.

Curiously enough, I did get through to a Nextel phone after redialing for 15 minutes, but mostly Nextel was dead as near as I could tell.

My provider sent calls to me straight through to my voice mail, then paged me to my voice mail so I could check it from a wireline. Smart, eh?

: Hi I'd like to get more ideas from people how their cell providers did on the shake day? I know it's off subject but, don't know were else to ask.
: I had AT&T for one day last year and took it back because the coverage sucked on my drive from Seattle to Port Townsend. I went back to Verizon and like them very much. I never expected to have cell coverage for a big quake BUT, if Voice Stream came through it way ahead of everyone else it might be worth a look at changing services.

: -thanks for your time
: -m

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