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Laramie County Scanner Frequencies (WY)

Scanner frequencies for Laramie County WY

(Including Albin Scanner Frequencies)

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Click here to see FCC frequency listings for Laramie County WY

Color Legend: Blue=Motorola, Green=LTR, Yellow=EDACS

Scroll down to see services other than Police/Fire/EMS

Area Frequencies
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
154.0100 P25-1P   Police and Fire
154.0700 P25-1P   Police and Fire
154.3250 P25-1P   Police and Fire
154.3550 P25-1P   Police and Fire
154.7700 P25-1P   Police and Fire
154.8300 P25-1P   Police and Fire
155.4300 P25-1P   Police and Fire
155.5050 P25-1P   Police and Fire
155.655       County Police Disp (East/West)
155.715       County Fire Disp.
155.790       County Police Disp + Cheyenne
169.6250 P25-1P   State Patrol State Forestry State Fish and Game
169.7125 P25-1P   State Patrol State Forestry State Fish and Game
853.5375 P25-1P   Police and Fire
853.7500 P25-1P   Police and Fire
T 117 P   Interop Calling
T 118 P  AInterop
T 119 P  BInterop
T 120 P  CInterop
T 140 P  1County Mutual Aid
T 141 P  2County Mutual Aid
T 142 P  3County Mutual Aid
T 143 P  4County Mutual Aid
T 200 P   Emergency Operations All Call
T 201 P  1Emergency Operations
T 202 P  2Emergency Operations
T 211 P  1EMS Dispatch
T 212 P   Fire EMS
T 214 P  1Sheriff Dispatch
T 215 P  2Sheriff Tac
T 216 P   Sheriff 911 Local
T 217 P   Fire Tac Emergency Net
T 218 P   American Medical Response
T 219 P   Fire District 1
T 220 P   Fire District 2
T 221 P   Fire District 3
T 222 P   Fire District 4
T 223 P   Fire District 5
T 224 P   Fire District 6
T 225 P   Fire District 8
T 226 P   Fire District 10
T 227 P  AFire Dispatch
T 228 P  BFire Dispatch
T 229 P  3Sheriff Tac
T 230 P  4Sheriff Tac
T 231 P  5Sheriff Tac
T 232 P  7Sheriff All Call
T 235 P  6Sheriff Supervisors
T 236 P  2EMS Tac
T 259 P   Sheriff Car to Car
T 6202 P   Homeland Security
T 6372 P   WHP Dispatch
T 6373 P  2WHP Dispatch
T 6375 P   WHP Car to Car
T 6400 P  3State Agency Law Enforcement Communication System
T 6590  P   DOT I 25

FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
154.400       Fire Disp.
154.4000 100.0    Fire (WyoLink simulcast)
154.7550      Police Tac (Used as back up frequency when WyoLink Goes down)
154.8000      Police Dispatch (Used as back up frequency when WyoLink Goes down)
155.6100 100.0    Police Tac (Used as back up frequency when WyoLink Goes down)
T 203 P  1Fire Dispatch
T 204 P  2Fire Tac
T 205 P  3Fire Tac
T 206 P  4Fire Tac
T 207 P  5EMS
T 208 P  6Fire Bugle
T 209 P  7Fire Safe
T 210 P  8Fire Special Ops
T 260 P   Police Car to Car

Pine Bluffs
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
154.815       Police Disp.
154.8150 100.0    Police Dispatch (Used as back up frequency when WyoLink Goes down)
155.250       Fire Disp.
155.2500 100.0    Fire Dispatch (Used when WyoLink is down)
T 238 P   EMS Dispatch
T 239 P   Police Car to Car
T 6591 P   DOT

Amateur Radio
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLCityCall  Notes
145.235  114.8R  CheyenneN7GT 
146.775  114.8R  CheyenneKC7SNO 
147.105  114.8R  CheyenneKC7SNO 
147.165  114.8R  AlbinKC7SNO 
448.150  100.0R  CheyenneN7GT 
449.300  131.8R  CheyenneWU7G 

FreqPL/MTyCityCall  Notes
118.7000   Cheyenne Cheyenne Regional / Jerry Olsen Field Tower 0600-2200
118.7000   Cheyenne Cheyenne Regional / Jerry Olsen Field CTAF
121.9000   Cheyenne Cheyenne Regional / Jerry Olsen Field Ground 0600-2200
122.800    Pine Bluffs Unicom
122.9500   Cheyenne Cheyenne Regional / Jerry Olsen Field Unicom
124.5500   Cheyenne Cheyenne Regional / Jerry Olsen Field Approach & Departure 0600-2200
125.9000   Cheyenne Cheyenne Regional / Jerry Olsen Field Approach & Departure 2200-0600
132.450    Pine Bluffs AWOS
133.175      Denver Center Medicine Bow High
134.4260   Cheyenne Cheyenne Regional / Jerry Olsen Field ATIS
134.575    Scottsbluff Denver Center High
254.2750   Cheyenne Cheyenne Regional / Jerry Olsen Field Ground 0600-2200
257.8000   Cheyenne Cheyenne Regional / Jerry Olsen Field Tower 0600-2200
263.0750   Cheyenne Cheyenne Regional / Jerry Olsen Field Approach 0600-2200
278.3000   Cheyenne Cheyenne Regional / Jerry Olsen Field ATIS
284.700    Cheyenne Denver Center Low
307.100    Scottsbluff Denver Center High
350.300    Scottsbluff Denver Center Medicine Bow High

FreqPL/MTyChannelCityCall  Notes
164.1250    Cheyenne Medicine Bow National Forest Dispatch
166.0875      Bureau of Land Management Scene of Action
166.5500    Cheyenne Medicine Bow National Forest Tac
169.2500      Bureau of Land Management
T 5201 P Cheyenne National Weather Service
T 5221 P1Cheyenne Department of Veterans Affairs
T 5222 P2Cheyenne Department of Veterans Affairs

FreqPL/MTyChannelCity  Notes
138.0625 P25-1P CheyenneFE Warren AFB 27
138.0875 P25-1P CheyenneFE Warren AFB 25
138.1625  P Warren AFB 
138.2125 P25-1P CheyenneFE Warren AFB 27
138.2375  P Warren AFB 
138.2625 P25-1P CheyenneFE Warren AFB 26
138.3375 P25-1P CheyenneFE Warren AFB North
138.6375 P25-1P CheyenneFE Warren AFB North
138.6875 P25-1P CheyenneFE Warren AFB
138.8875 P25-1P CheyenneFE Warren AFB
148.2250    CheyenneFE Warren AFB Fire
271.9000    CheyenneFE Warren AFB Helo Security
T 5109 P FE WarrenFire
T 43000 P Warren AFBSecurity Dispatch
T 43002 P Warren AFBBase Operations
T 43003 P2Warren AFBSecurity Tac
T 43004 P3Warren AFBSecurity Tac
T 43005 P4Warren AFBSecurity Tac
T 43005 P4Warren AFBSecurity Tac
T 43012 P Warren AFBFire Dispatch
T 43022 P Warren AFBHelipad Operations
T 43170 P Warren AFBFlightline Operations
T 43178 P Warren AFBMissile Silo Crews / Operations
T 43180 P2Warren AFBMissile Silo Crews / Operations
T 43182 P3Warren AFBMissile Silo Crews / Operations
T 43184 P4Warren AFBMissile Silo Crews / Operations
T 43186 P5Warren AFBMissile Silo Crews / Operations
T 5014  P1 84th Civil Support Team

FreqPL/MTyChannelCityCall  Notes
160.4700    Cheyenne Union Pacific Cheyenne to Ramsey
160.4700      UP Speer Junction to May
160.5150      UP Speer to Speer Junction
160.6050    Cheyenne Union Pacific PBX
160.6050      UP PBX
160.6800    Cheyenne Union Pacific Cheyenne Yard
160.6800      Cheyenne Yard
160.7400    Cheyenne Union Pacific Ramsey to Rawlins
160.7850    Cheyenne Swan Ranch Railroad (Swan Ranch Industrial Park)
161.0700      UP Cheyenne Car Department
161.0700    Cheyenne Union Pacific Cheyenne Car Department
161.1450      UP Speer to N Hazeltine (CO)
T 24 P1Cheyenne Frontier Days Operations
T 25 P2Cheyenne Frontier Days Operations
T 6571 P   DOT Dispatch
T 6572 P Baggs DOT
T 6578 P   DOT
T 6579 P   DOT All Call
T 6580 P   DOT Roaming
T 6583 P   DOT East
T 6584 P   DOT I 80
T 6590 P   DOT I-25
T 6591 P   DOT Pine Bluffs
T 19392 P   State Forestry


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