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Scanner frequencies for Statewide

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Color Legend: Blue=Motorola, Green=LTR, Yellow=EDACS

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Area Frequencies
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
153.83000 S 153.83000  WA State Fire Control InterOp REDNET
453.925       *WSP MDTS (CWID) KOA319

Local Government
FreqPL/MTyChannelCity  Notes
4.520      Washington State - State Area Command (STARC) Alternate
4.580      Washington State - State Area Command (STARC) Primary
7.805   S  SECURE - WASHINGTON STATE EOC (Interstate Day Primary)
159.4200 varR  WS Liq Ctl Bd - NRST - on DNR system, ch. 27 *current?

Amateur Radio
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLCityCall  Notes
3.624        Washington State RACES packet
3.987   S    Washington Emergency Net (RACES/ARES)
50.135  USBS    Western States Weak Signal Society 6M net - Saturdays 8PM PST
440.9500 110.9R 445.9500 110.9Puget Sound  

FreqPL/MTyChannelCityCall  Notes
4.582   S   Civil Air Patrol - Washington State Alternate
4.585   S   Civil Air Patrol - Washington State Primary
166.6875  S   NIFC / Northwest Coord Ctr WA01 Air Ops Primary (western Wash)
167.7375 0715P14-2007unknown IWN site 116 control
168.8500 0715P02-2628  IWN site 154 alternate
169.1500  S   NIFC / Northwest Coord Ctr WA01 Air Ops Secondary (western Wash)
172.2875 0715P02-2903Schrag IWN site 154 control Schrag/Warden

FreqPL/MTyChannelCity  Notes
2.1035  S  USCG - Washington State area
2.670   S  USCG - Washington State area
255.4    AM   FAA FSS (Western Washington) (VP-69 ch.6)
306.2    AM   Seattle Center (VP-69 ch.9)
306.9    AM   Seattle Center (VP-69 ch.7)
319.2    AM   Seattle Center (VP-69 ch.8)
344.6    AM   Pilot to Metro (VP-69 ch.10)

FreqPL/MTyChannelCityCall  Notes
27.375  LSBS   CB ch. 37 LSB Puget Sound area calling
151.040   S   WSP to DOT simplex (mountain passes)
151.2800 D465S   WS DNR - Parks Common (DCS may not be fully implemented)
151.310  103.5S   WS DNR - Tac 1 (fish & wildlife etc.)
151.3400 103.5S  KE9669WS DNR - Tac 2 (fireline etc.)
151.4150 103.5S  KE9669WS DNR - COMMON Tactical (interop channel)
155.160       This is a SAR freq but heard WSP using it on 8/8/10 on I5 for radar stop Skagit
156.13500 S   WA State On-Scene Command & Coordination Radio OSCCR - all first responders
156.700   S   WASHINGTON STATE FERRIES - Puget Sound VTS ch.14
156.975   S   WASHINGTON STATE FERRIES - marine ch. 79A
159.2700 114.8S   WS DNR - Air-Ground (CTCSS not consistent)
159.4200  R   WS DNR - State various CTCSS (old, State-LETTER) and DCS (new, as State-PLACE)
161.7000 CSQ    KIRO
171.575   S   WS DNR - Tac 3 103.5 and D065
451.8000 D071S  WQNP558Go 4 Nuge Production Rentals
461.0375 D032S   Brandi Carlile concerts Ch-01 Backstage
461.1625 203.5S   Crowley Marine barge M/V Vision (650-10) onboard ops
461.2375 203.5S   Crowley Marine barge M/V Commitment (650-6) onboard ops
462.7625 D115S   Brandi Carlile concerts Ch-02 Gear channel
462.8375 D413S   Brandi Carlile concerts Ch-03 Artist
462.8625 203.5S   Crowley Marine barge M/V Pride (650-7) onboard ops
462.9125 D731S   Brandi Carlile concerts Ch-04 Sound Check
464.550  203.5S   Crowley Marine barge M/V Pride (650-7) onboard ops
773.081250715P01-1772 WPTZ781IWN site 205 control

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