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Bexar County Scanner Frequencies (TX)

Scanner frequencies for Bexar County TX

(Including Balcones Hgts Scanner Frequencies)

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Click here to see FCC frequency listings for Bexar County TX

Color Legend: Blue=Motorola, Green=LTR, Yellow=EDACS

Scroll down to see services other than Police/Fire/EMS

Area Frequencies
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
154.250       County Fire Disp.
156.180       County Fire Disp.

Alamo Heights
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
154.370       Fire Disp.
155.430       Police Disp.

Balcones Hgts
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
154.995       Fire Disp.
155.910       Police Disp.

Castle Hills
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
154.860       Fire Disp.
155.745       Police Disp.

FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
159.060       Fire Disp.

FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
155.250       Fire Disp.

Grey Forest
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
154.250       Fire Disp.
156.150       Police Disp.

FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
154.070       Fire Disp.
155.7225      Police Disp.

Leon Valley
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
154.145       Fire Disp.
154.725       Police Disp.

Live Oak
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
154.175       Fire Disp.

Shavano Park
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
155.835       Police Disp.
155.9775      Fire Disp.

Terrell Hills
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
155.430       Police Disp.

Universal City
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
154.325       Fire Disp.

FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
453.775       Police Disp.

Amateur Radio
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLCityCall  Notes
53.13    R  San AntonioK5SUZ 
53.17    R  San AntonioWA5KBQ 
145.25   162.2R  San AntonioAB5QW 
145.31   103.5R  San AntonioWD5JFF 
145.33    R  San AntonioKC5RXY 
145.39    R  San AntonioW5SC 
145.45    R  San AntonioN5UAP 
145.47    R  San AntonioKD5GSS 
146.62   162.2R  San AntonioK5AWK 
146.66    R  San AntonioAF5D 
146.68    R  San AntonioK5YDE 
146.70    R  San AntonioKA5IID 
146.72   162.2R  San AntonioKB5TSO 
146.78   162.2R  San AntonioKG5QW 
146.82    R  San AntonioWA5FSR 
146.88    R  San AntonioWB5LJZ 
146.90    R  San AntonioKD5GAT 
146.94    R  San AntonioKA5HQU 
146.96   88.5R  San AntonioK5AWK 
147.02    R  San AntonioW5RRA 
147.06    R  San AntonioK5DSF 
147.08   162.2R  San AntonioN5CSC 
147.12    R  San AntonioWA5DXJ 
147.18    R  San AntonioK5EOC 
147.24    R  San AntonioK5GE 
147.26   103.5R  San AntonioK5SOJ 
147.28    R  San AntonioWD5FWP 
147.30   107.2R  San AntonioW5XW 
147.32   203.5R  San AntonioKC5AON 
147.36    R  San AntonioK5SUZ 
147.38   162.2R  San AntonioAA5RO 
223.94    R  San AntonioWR5Q 
224.38    R  San AntonioKA5HQU 
224.68    R  San AntonioKA5OHJ 
224.82    R  San AntonioWA5DXJ 
224.94    R  San AntonioK5SUZ 
441.550  162.2R  San AntonioKD5GDC 
442.075   R  San AntonioW5SC 
442.125   R  San AntonioKD5GSS 
442.200  162.2R  San AntonioK5AWK 
442.250   R  San AntonioAA5DB 
442.375   R  San AntonioWD5FWP 
442.450  88.5R  San AntonioN5YBG 
443.350  88.5R  San AntonioKD5CIU 
443.400   R  San AntonioKD5GAT 
443.475  162.2R  San AntonioWB5FNZ 
443.575  141.3R  San AntonioWD5IEH 
443.625   R  San AntonioWA5DXJ 
443.675   R  San AntonioAI5TX 
443.700   R  San AntonioW5FQA 
443.725   R  San AntonioK5TEX 
443.875  162.2R  San AntonioAA5RO 
443.900   R  San AntonioWB5LJZ 
443.950   R  San Antonio  
444.025   R  San AntonioK5DSF 
444.050   R  San AntonioK5DSF 
444.100  179.9R  San AntonioKA5HQU 
444.125  179.9R  San AntonioK5SUZ 
444.200   R  San AntonioWR5Q 
444.250   R  San AntonioKJ5UU 
444.325   R  San AntonioW5DKK 
444.575  141.3R  San AntonioWB5UGT 
444.600  162.2R  San AntonioAB5QW 
444.700   R  San AntonioN5TX 
444.800  203.5R  San AntonioW5ETS 
444.950  103.5R  San AntonioWA5KBQ 
1292.0     R  San AntonioKB5BI 
1292.1     R  San AntonioAA5RO 
1292.3     R  San AntonioW5DKK 


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