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Deschutes County Scanner Frequencies (OR)

Scanner frequencies for Deschutes County OR

(Including Hampton Scanner Frequencies)

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Click here to see our wiki page for Deschutes County, OR <- Check this out ! Very informative !

Click here to see FCC frequency listings for Deschutes County OR

Color Legend: Blue=Motorola, Green=LTR, Yellow=EDACS

Scroll down to see services other than Police/Fire/EMS

Area Frequencies
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
154.785  192.8R 159.030  100.0 Oregon State Police
155.055       Deschutes County Fire paging
854.9625  R   Deschutes County Police - mobile data terminals (RD-LAP, 19200 baud)
T 64656 M   Deschutes County Sheriff Tac-5
T 64720 M   Deschutes County Sheriff Tac-3 car-car
T 64784 M   Deschutes County Sheriff Dispatch

FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
154.145  127.3R 153.770  127.3 Bend Fire
855.4875  R   Bend Police - mobile data terminals
T 64080 M   Bend Police F-3 car-to-car
T 64112 M   Bend Police F-2
T 64144 M   Bend Police F-1 Dispatch

Black Butte
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
154.415  167.9R   Black Butte Fire dispatch
T 62224 M   Black Butte Ranch Police

FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
154.070  162.2R 158.865  162.2 Redmond Fire

Local Government
FreqPL/MTyChannelCity  Notes
155.370  146.2R BendDeschutes County Jail
856.2125  M  Deschutes County trunked system
856.7625  M RedmondRedmond City Trunked System
857.2125  M  Deschutes County trunked system
857.7625  M RedmondRedmond City Trunked System
857.9375  M  Deschutes County trunked system
858.2125  M  Deschutes County trunked system
858.7625  M RedmondRedmond City Trunked System
858.9375  M  Deschutes County trunked system
859.2125  M  Deschutes County trunked system
859.9375  M  Deschutes County trunked system
860.2125  M  Deschutes County trunked system
860.9375  M  Deschutes County trunked system
T 16 M RedmondRedmond City Police

Amateur Radio
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLCityCall  Notes
145.03       BendKB7LNRPacket - node on Long Butte
145.25   88.5R   N7VC 
145.45   CSQR  BendKK7TT(Mt. Bachelor)
145.47    R  La PineW6VIPFinley Butte (elevation 4707)
146.55    S    Simplex - Bend/Redmond
146.64   CSQR  SunriverWA7TYDSpring River Butte (soon to be linked to 145.47 in La Pine)
146.70   CSQR   K7YRUPine Mt.
146.90   CSQR  SistersKK7TT 
146.94   CSQR  BendWA7TPDLong Butte
146.96   CSQR  La PineK7ZMFinley Butte 4707 feet - serving Crater Lake National Park
147.04   CSQR  BendK7RPTAwbrey Butte (linked to Portland via 440 on Mt. Hood) ARRG
147.06    R  Crooked River R Crooked River Ranch CORA
147.20   CSQR  HamptonK7YRUGlass Butte
147.36   CSQR  BendKB7LNRLong Butte
442.125  123.0R  RedmondK7PFJCline Butte (linked to HooDoo) ORLG
444.750  CSQR   K7YRUPine Mt. (soon to be ctcss)

FreqPL/MTyCityCall  Notes
117.6      Redmond Deschutes VORTAC DSD Cline Butte
121.35   AM   Seattle Center ATC
121.8    AM Redmond Redmond Airport Ground Control
122.95   AM Redmond Unicom for Redmond Airport
123.0    AM Bend CTAF/Unicom for Bend Airport
124.5    AM Redmond Tower, CTAF & runway lights for Redmond Airport
128.15   AM   Seattle Center ATC + Redmond Airport Appr/Dep + Bend Airport Appr/Dep

AM/FM/TV/Shortwave Broadcast
FreqPL/MTyCityCall  Notes
.940  AM BendKICEKICE ESPN Sports
1.110  AM BendKBNDKBND News/Talk
1.240  AM RedmondKRDMKRDM News/Talk
1.340  AM BendKBNWKBNW News/Talk
1.610  AM RedmondWQCY923OSU Extension
88.1    FM BendK201BPTranslator for KLCC 89.7 (Eugene) - Lane CC - Mixed format
88.5    FM RedmondKWRXKWRX Univ of Oregon - KWAX - 720w ERP
88.9    FM BendK205BJTranslator for KWAX 91.1 (Eugene) - Univ of Oregon - Classical - 28w ERP
89.5    FM TumaloK208CVTranslator for KKRI 88.1 (Arkansas) - EMF/Air1 - Christian Contemp.
90.1    FM BendK211CTTranslator for KAWZ (Idaho) - CSN - Religous
90.5    FM BendKVLBKVLB EMF/KLOVE - Christian Contemp.
90.9    FM Sunriver Translator for KWAX
91.3    FM BendKOABKOAB-FM Oregon Public Broadcasting - mixed format
92.7    FM BendKKCUKKCU Alternative rock (new station 11-06)
94.1    FM BendKXIXKXIX Hiphop music
95.9    FM Prineville Translator for KNLR 97.5 (Bend) (transmitter on Grizzly Mt.)
97.5    FM BendKNLRKNLR Religous
98.3    FM BendKTWSKTWS Classic Rock
99.7    FM BendKMTKKMTK Country
100.7    FM Bend KMGX 80s/90s music
101.7    FM BendKLRRKLRR Adult Album Alt.
102.9    FM  KSJJKSJJ Country
104.1    FM BendKWPKKWPK-FM Mixed
104.5    FM Bend Translator for KLTW 95.1 (Prineville)
105.7    FM BendKQAKKQAK 50s 60s 70s music
152.870    Bend Broadcast remote for 104.1 FM
162.500      NOAA Weather
946.375      link for 88.9FM K205BJ
946.625      link for 88.9FM K205BJ
951.400      link for 1110AM KBND

FreqPL/MTyChannelCityCall  Notes
167.6375 0715P Bend IWN Site 165 Alternate
168.8250 0715P Bend IWN Site 165 Control
170.475   S   Deschutes National Forest
170.475  123.0R   Deschutes National Forest
171.2625 146.2S   Deschutes National Forest
171.2625 156.7S   Deschutes National Forest

FreqPL/MTyChannelCityCall  Notes
47.96   179.9R Bend Shevlin Sand & Gravel
72.72    Z Bend Link for pagers on 453.075 - St. Charles Medical Center
75.98    Z   Link for pagers on 152.240 - Arch Wireless
151.775  162.2R   Bend Broadband (Cline Butte)
152.240       Pagers - Arch Wireless
152.315  141.3R Redmond Redmond school buses
152.510   R   IMTS mobile phones (rural telephone service)
152.570   R   IMTS mobile phones (rural telephone service)
152.660   R   IMTS mobile phones (rural telephone service)
152.690   R   IMTS mobile phones (rural telephone service)
152.750   R   IMTS mobile phones (rural telephone service)
152.780   R   IMTS mobile phones (rural telephone service)
152.840       Pagers
153.065  D152S Bend Pozzi Window Company (Jeld-Wen Corp.)
153.095  203.5R Redmond Western Forestry Communications Assn.
153.260  D606R Bend Pozzi Window Company (Jeld-Wen Corp.)
153.710  110.9R Redmond Central Electric Co-op
154.515  88.5R Redmond Arbys drive thru
155.145  186.2R   Oregon DOT
155.235  85.4S Bend Air Life
155.340  CSQS   St. Charles Medical Center
156.060  100.0R   Oregon Dept. of Transportation
156.135  146.2R   Oregon Dept. of Transportation
158.700       Pagers - Western Radio Services
161.100   S   Burlington Northern / Santa Fe Railroad
451.2375 100.0R Bend Rivers Edge Golf Course
452.000  167.9R   Eagle Crest Resort
453.075     Bend Pagers - St. Charles Medical Center
454.075   R   RCC mobile phones
454.425   R   IMTS mobile phones
460.725  151.4S Bend Bend Broadband (handhelds)
461.050   R Sunriver Chambers Cable of Sunriver WNCQ882
461.075  156.7R   EAGLE CREST RESORT
463.5375    Redmond Eagle Crest Resort
463.68750CC10T BendWPIB787TRBOWest (Network 119) (control)
464.375  D114S Bend Riverhouse Motor Inn
464.625     Bend Pagers
464.7125    Redmond Eagle Crest Resort
466.075     Redmond Eagle Crest Resort
854.8625  R   Federal Express (MDI Data)
931.2125      Pagers - Metrocall
931.8625      Pagers - Cook Paging
T 63408 M Bend Bend Dial-a-ride

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