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McClain County Scanner Frequencies (OK)

Scanner frequencies for McClain County OK

(Including Blanchard Scanner Frequencies)

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Click here to see FCC frequency listings for McClain County OK

Color Legend: Blue=Motorola, Green=LTR, Yellow=EDACS

Scroll down to see services other than Police/Fire/EMS

Area Frequencies
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
159.135       Fire Dispatch
159.375       Sheriff Dispatch
771.19375 P   Dibble
772.50625P25-2P   Purcell
T 1093 P   EMS Dispatch
T 1095 P   Fire Tactical
T 1279 P   Fire Dispatch
T 3927 P   Sheriff Dispatch

FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
152.2025 54321T   Police Dispatch
153.9275 8000T   Fire Dispatch
154.160  203.5    Fire Dispatch
T 3225 P   Police Dispatch

FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
T 679 P   Fire Dispatch

FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
T 673 P   Police Dispatch
T 677 P   Fire Dispatch

FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
T 3903 P   Fire Dispatch

FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
154.1825 7319    Fire Dispatch
154.1825 7322T   Police Dispatch
154.310   T   Fireground
155.100  7319T   Fire
155.100  7322T   Police
155.6175 24279T  2Police Tactical
155.6175 25000T   Fire Tactical

FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
T 1437 P   Fire Dispatch

FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
151.460  2000T   Fire Dispatch
T 1091 P   Fire Tactical
T 3683 P   Fire Dispatch
T 3857 P   Police Dispatch

FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
T 1101 P   Fire Dispatch

FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
152.0675      Fire Dispatch
T 44002 P   Fire Dispatch

FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
T 1103 P   Fire Dispatch

Local Government
FreqPL/MTyChannelCity  Notes
153.9875    BlanchardBlanchard Public Works
154.845  114.8  PurcellPurcell Public Works
155.895     NewcastleNewcastle Public Works

Amateur Radio
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLCityCall  Notes
145.190   R  PurcellWB5RAP 
442.4000 141.3   NewcastleK0BFEWires-X
444.550  141.3R  PurcellNF7T 
444.675   R  NewcastleKB5LSB 
927.3875 123.0   NewcastleW5PAA 

FreqPL/MTyCityCall  Notes
119.55     Purcell3O3Purcell Municipal Airport WX AWOS
122.9      Purcell3O3Purcell Municipal Airport Unicom

AM/FM/TV/Shortwave Broadcast
FreqPL/MTyCityCall  Notes
93.3    FM Newcastle Country

FreqPL/MTyChannelCityCall  Notes
151.190       County Roads
151.520  131.8    A&A Oil Field Tank Trucks
152.915  136.5    S&H Oil Field Trucks
159.675       Gator Freightways
160.560    30Purcell BNSF Pucell to Arkansas City, Kansas
161.385    85Purcell BNSF Pucell to Gainsville, TX
452.625    1Newcastle Newcastle Gaming Center Main Building Security
452.725   T Newcastle Casino
461.425  1000T Wayne Mid America Technology Center Buses
461.550  162.2    Tank Trucks Oil Field Tank Trucks
462.675    2Newcastle Newcsastle Gaming Building Security
464.025       Delta Public Transit
T 201 T Newcastle Casino Security


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