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Otero County Scanner Frequencies (NM)

Scanner frequencies for Otero County NM

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Click here to see FCC frequency listings for Otero County NM

Color Legend: Blue=Motorola, Green=LTR, Yellow=EDACS

Scroll down to see services other than Police/Fire/EMS

Area Frequencies
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
153.785  186.2    County Roads
154.145       Fire Tac
154.205       Fire Dispatch
154.250       Fire Tac
154.265       Fire Tac
154.3100      State Fire
155.295       Search and Rescue
155.670       County Police Disp.
159.2400 156.7    Sheriff South

FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
153.8600     2Fire Tac 2
154.3700      Police SWAT
155.385       EMS Disp.
155.4300     4Police events / Tac
155.760       Police Disp.
155.8200      Bonito Lake Security
155.8200 156.7    Streets
156.000      1Fire Tac
158.8200 127.3    Fire Dispatch
158.835       Parks

FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
155.115       Police / Fire Disp.

Oliver Lee SP
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
158.8750      Oliver Lee State Park

FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
154.445       Fire Dispatch
158.7900      Police Disp.

Amateur Radio
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLCityCall  Notes
53.41   100.0R  AlamogordoKA5BYL 
145.230  123.0R   K5ZIA 
145.350  67.0R  AlamogordoWA5KUI 
146.800  100.0R  AlamogordoK5RLW 
146.900  77.0R  AlamogordoKC5OWL 
147.220  162.2R  AlamogordoWB5CBD 
224.60    R  AlamogordoWA5IPS 
224.80    R  AlamogordoK5LRW 
442.800  100.0R   W5AKU 
443.900  100.0R   W5TYW 
444.375  67.0R   NM5ML 
444.450  127.3R  AlamogordoN5MJ 
444.700   R  AlamogordoN7DRB 
444.825  67.0R  AlamogordoK5LRW 
444.975   R  AlamogordoN7DRB 

FreqPL/MTyCityCall  Notes
119.300    Alamogordo Holloman AFB
120.600    Alamogordo Approach
122.6000   McGregor Range Range Control
122.800    Alamogordo Unicom
127.825    Alamogordo Weather
128.100    Alamogordo Departure
132.6500   Holloman AFB Approach Departure (when Holloman Approach is closed)
229.300    Alamogordo Holloman AFB Army
257.6000   Holloman AFB Approach Departure (when Holloman Approach is closed)
304.6000   McGregor Range Range Control
344.600    Alamogordo Holloman AFB pilot to metro
372.200    Alamogordo Holloman AFB pilot to dispatcher

FreqPL/MTyChannelCityCall  Notes
119.675     Alamogordo Tanker Base (updated)
119.9750      Air to Air East
120.875     Alamogordo Tanker Base?
123.975     Alamogordo Fire Air Tanker Base
135.5500      Air to Air West
155.0550      Mescalero Apache Reservation
163.7000      Border Patrol
163.7125      Lincoln National Forest Project Net South
165.2375      Customs and Border Protection
166.6375      White Sands National Monument
166.6875      Air to Ground West
168.175       Air to Ground
168.5750 CSQR   BLM Las Cruces District (Sacramento Mountain Repeater)
168.6125      Lincoln National Forest Porjuct Net North
168.6625      Air to Ground
168.6750      Lincoln National Forest Fire
168.7500      Air to Ground
170.0000      Air to Ground East
170.0500      White Sands National Monument Operations
170.500     Alamogordo Lincoln NF
171.750       Mescalero Apache Tribe - Forest Fires simplex
172.450       Mescalero Apache Tribe - Forest Fires
172.5875      Bureau of Land Management
172.6000      White Sands National Monument Rangers
173.775       Sacramento Lookout

FreqPL/MTyChannelCity  Notes
41.7000    McGregor RangeRange Control
55.8000    McGregor RangeRange Control
57.8000    McGregor RangeFlight Following VHF
126.950      White Sands Missile Range Cherokee Range Control
130.250      White Sands Missile Range Cherokee Range Control
251.500      White Sands Missile Range
271.400      White Sands Missile Range
279.700      White Sands Missile Range Cherokee Range Control
294.600      White Sands Missile Range Cherokee Range Control
295.200      White Sands Missile Range Cherokee Range Control
305.500      White Sands Missile Range Cherokee Range Control
311.100      White Sands Missile Range Cherokee Range Control
314.200      White Sands Missile Range Cherokee Range Control
321.6000    McGregor RangeFlight Following UHF
324.400      White Sands Missile Range
341.600      White Sands Missile Range
342.200      White Sands Missile Range Command Post
346.700      White Sands Missile Range Test Support
408.0875  P Holloman AFB 
408.3625  P Holloman AFB 
409.1125  P McgregorWhite Sands Missile Range
409.3125  P McgregorWhite Sands Missile Range
409.3750  P Holloman AFBMesa 506 White Sands Missile Range
409.4250  P McgregorWhite Sands Missile Range
409.5125  P Holloman AFBMesa 506 White Sands Missile Range
409.6875  P McgregorWhite Sands Missile Range

FreqPL/MTyChannelCityCall  Notes
151.565       Southwest Medivac
155.790     Alamogordo NM State Police
161.550       UP Railroad


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