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Scanner frequencies for Statewide

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Color Legend: Blue=Motorola, Green=LTR, Yellow=EDACS

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Local Government
FreqPL/MTyChannelCity  Notes
153.905  CSQS  Statewide Common Mutual Aid
154.280  CSQS  Statewide fire mutual aid Command and Control channel Primary
155.475  CSQS  Statewide Law Enforcement Mutual Aid Primary
155.820  CSQS  Montana State DES Direction and Control frequency

FreqPL/MTyChannelCityCall  Notes
151.130  CSQS   MDOT car-to-car
151.220       MT State Forests
153.800  CSQS   Statewide Law Enforcement mutual aid secondary
153.830  CSQR   Statewide Fire mutual aid repeater
154.070  CSQS   Statewide Fire mutual aid secondary frequency
154.265  CSQS   Statewide fire mutual aid fireground 1
154.2725 CSQS   Statewide fire mutual aid fireground 3
154.2875 CSQS   Statewide fire mutual aid fireground 4
154.295  CSQS   Statewide fire mutual aid fireground 2
154.3025 CSQS   Statewide fire mutual aid fireground 5
154.4525 CSQS   General Mutual Aid and Coordination
154.680  127.3S   Montana Highway Patrol dispatch channel- Boulder/Whitehall (Jefferson Co)
154.695  100.0S   Montana Highway Patrol car-to-car
154.920  151.4R   Montana Highway Patrol, Billings Local dispatch channel
154.935  127.3S   Montana Highway Patrol dispatch channel- Bozeman area
155.160  CSQS   Statewide Search and Rescue primary
155.220  CSQS   Statewide Search and Rescue secondary
155.280  CSQS   Statewide EMS Mutual Aid primary
155.325  CSQS   Statewide EMS Mutual Aid secondary
155.340  CSQS   Statewide Search and Rescue secondary- air to ground
155.385  CSQS   Statewide EMS Mutual Aid Command and Control
155.7525 CSQS   General Mutual Aid and Coordination
155.790  CSQS   Statewide Law Enforcement mutual aid secondary
157.425  CSQS   General Mutual Aid and Coordination
158.7375 CSQS   General Mutual Aid and Coordination
159.4725 CSQS   General Mutual Aid and Coordination
172.225  CSQR   Mutual Aid- General Use Multi-Agency mobile repeater
172.375  CSQR   Mutual Aid- General Use Multi-Agency mobile repeater

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