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Buchanan County Scanner Frequencies (MO)

Scanner frequencies for Buchanan County MO

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Click here to see FCC frequency listings for Buchanan County MO

Color Legend: Blue=Motorola, Green=LTR, Yellow=EDACS

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Area Frequencies
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
151.250       County Fire Disp.
154.755       County Police Disp.
858.0625  S   Countywide shared law enforcement tactical; simplex off TRS
T 50101A8P 01A8 Buchanan County Fire dispatch
T 50301A8P 01A8 Buchanan County fire response
T 80901A8P 01A8 Link to 155.475 V MU AID

St Joseph
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
T 10101A8P 01A8 St Joseph Fire Dispatch
T 10301A8P 01A8 St Joseph Fire response
T 10501A8P 01A8 St Joseph EMS response channel
T 10701A8P 01A8 Fireground ops channel
T 10901A8P 01A8 Fireground ops channel
T 11101A8P 01A8 St Joseph FD administrative channel

St Jospeh
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
856.2375  S   Fireground ops channel; simplex off TRS

Local Government
FreqPL/MTyChannelCity  Notes
851.0875 01A8P St Joseph 
851.5500 01A8P St Joseph 
851.9500 01A8P St Joseph 
852.3500 01A8P St Joseph 
852.5375 01A8P St Joseph 
852.7500 01A8P St Joseph 
852.9500 01A8P St Joseph 
853.3875 01A8P St Joseph 
853.5750 01A8P St Joseph 
853.8250 01A8P St Joseph 
857.2375  S  Buchanan County Drug Strike Force operations; simplex off TRS
858.0625  S St JosephBuchanan County jail operations; simplex off TRS
T 301A8P St JosephAlternate
T 501A8P St JosephAlternate
T 701A8P St JosephSupervisors
T 901A8P St JosephPolice Command Staff
T 1101A8P St JosephPolice detectives
T 1301A8P St JosephSWAT
T 1501A8P St JosephPD Event-1 channel
T 1901A8P St JosephPolice Event-2 channel
T 08501A8P St JosephSt Joseph PD Primary
T 20101A8P  Buchanan County Sheriff dispatch
T 20301A8P  Buchanan County Sheriff alternate
T 20501A8P  Buchanan County Sheriff tactical
T 20701A8P  Buchanan County Sheriff tactical
T 20901A8P  Buchanan County Sheriff command staff
T 21101A8P  Buchanan County Sheriff detectives
T 21301A8P  Buchanan County Sheriff detectives
T 21501A8P  Shared detective channel Buchanan County Sheriff/St Joseph PD
T 21701A8P  Buchanan County Jail operations
T 21901A8P  Buchanan County Courthouse security/bailiffs
T 22101A8P  Buchanan County juvenile court/probation
T 22301A8P  County health board
T 22501A8P  Buchanan County Sheriff events channel
T 30101A8P  Buchanan County Drug Strike Force operations
T 60101A8P  Buchanan County Highway Department Ch-1 East County operations
T 60301A8P  Buchanan County Highway Department Channel-2 West county operations
T 60501A8P  Buchanan County Highway Department unit-to-unit
T 60701A8P  Buchanan County Highway Department supervisors
T 60901A8P  Buchanan County Commissioners/Emergency Management Department
T 409401A8P St JosephCitywide shared use

AM/FM/TV/Shortwave Broadcast
FreqPL/MTyCityCall  Notes

FreqPL/MTyChannelCityCall  Notes
857.2375  S   Countywide events channel misc use; simplex off TRS
T 40101A8P St Joseph Heartland Hospital ambulances
T 40301A8P St Joseph Heartland Hospital emergency room-to-ambulance
T 40501A8P St Joseph Heartland Hospital ambulance tactical operations
T 40701A8P St Joseph Heartland Hospital shuttle buses
T 40901A8P St Joseph Heartland Hospital security department primary
T 41101A8P St Joseph Heartland Hospital security department tactical channel
T 70101A8P St Joseph MWSU Police primary
T 70301A8P St Joseph MWSU Police tactical
T 80101A8P   Countywide events channel misc use
T 80301A8P   Countywide events channel misc use
T 80701A8P   Multi-agency countywide interops channel


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