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Pinellas County Scanner Frequencies (FL)

Scanner frequencies for Pinellas County FL

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Click here to see FCC frequency listings for Pinellas County FL

Color Legend: Blue=Motorola, Green=LTR, Yellow=EDACS

Scroll down to see services other than Police/Fire/EMS

Area Frequencies
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
460.600       Fire Disp.
T 368641802M   Pinellas Co FD Disp
T 368961802M   Pinellas Co FD EMS/AID Tac North
T 369281802M   Pinellas Co FD North Tac 2
T 369601802M   Pinellas Co FD Tac
T 369921802M   Pinellas Co FD Central Tac
T 370241802M   Pinellas Co FD Central Tac 2
T 370561802M   Pinellas Co FD EMS/Aid Tac South
T 370881802M   Pinellas Co FD South Tac 2
T 371201802M   Pinellas Co FD South Tac 3
T 371521802M   Pinellas Co FD Tac
T 371841802M   Pinellas Co FD Command
T 409601802M   Pinellas Co PD - South/Pasadena Disp
T 409921802M   Pinellas Co PD - Central/Maderia Beach Disp
T 410241802M   Pinellas Co PD - NW/Palm Harbor Disp
T 410561802M   Pinellas Co PD - NE/Oldsmar Disp
T 410881802M   Pinellas Co PD - Command
T 411841802M   Pinellas Co PD - Tac 1
T 412161802M   Pinellas Co PD - Tac 2
T 412481802M   Pinellas Co PD - Tac 3
T 412801802M   Pinellas Co PD - Tac 4
T 413121802M   Pinellas Co PD - Tac 5

FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
T 256ECLEAE   Clearwater PD All Call
T 272ECLEAE   Clearwater PD
T 273ECLEAE   Clearwater PD - West Disp
T 274ECLEAE   Clearwater PD - West Data
T 275ECLEAE   Clearwater PD - East Disp
T 276ECLEAE   Clearwater PD - East Car-Car
T 277ECLEAE   Clearwater PD - Beach Disp (very rare use)
T 278ECLEAE   Clearwater PD - East Data
T 279ECLEAE   Clearwater PD - Tac 2
T 280ECLEAE   Clearwater PD - Tac 3
T 281ECLEAE   Clearwater PD - Tac 4
T 282ECLEAE   Clearwater PD - West Car-Car

Local Government
FreqPL/MTyChannelCity  Notes
854.9625 ECLEAE1ClearwaterClearwater city EDACS - Clearwater Site
855.4875 ECLEAE11ClearwaterClearwater city EDACS - Clearwater Site
855.7125 ECLEAE2ClearwaterClearwater city EDACS - Clearwater Site
855.9625 ECLEAE3ClearwaterClearwater city EDACS - Clearwater Site
856.4375 ECLEAE4ClearwaterClearwater city EDACS - Clearwater Site
857.2375 1802M  Pinellas County trunk system - Ridgecrest site (north) cc
857.4375 ECLEAE5ClearwaterClearwater city EDACS - Clearwater Site
857.9875 ECLEAE6ClearwaterClearwater city EDACS - Clearwater Site
858.1875 ECLEAE10ClearwaterClearwater city EDACS - Clearwater Site
858.2375 1802M  Pinellas County trunk system - Ridgecrest site (north) cc
858.4375 ECLEAE7ClearwaterClearwater city EDACS - Clearwater Site
858.9875 ECLEAE8ClearwaterClearwater city EDACS - Clearwater Site
859.2375 1802M  Pinellas County trunk system - Ridgecrest site (north) cc
859.4375 ECLEAE9ClearwaterClearwater city EDACS - Clearwater Site
859.7125 1802M  Pinellas County trunk system - Toy Town site (south) cc
860.2375 1802M  Pinellas County trunk system - Ridgecrest site (north) cc
860.7125 1802M  Pinellas County trunk system - Toy Town site (south) cc

Amateur Radio
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLCityCall  Notes
29.68    R  St PetersburgK4LK 
51.84   146.2R  LargoK4LK 
53.15   146.2R  St PetersburgKI4SIX 
53.21   123.0R  St PetersburgW4ORM 
145.110   R  ClearwaterKE4KVY 
145.170  156.7R  LargoW4ACS 
145.210  127.3R  DunedinWA4BSA 
145.230  146.2R  DunedinK4LK 
145.270   R  St PetersburgKA9RIX 
145.290  100.0R  St PetersburgNI4CE 
145.310  103.5R  St PetersburgN4AAC 
145.390   R  St PetersburgKA9RIX 
145.470  127.3R  St PetersburgWA4BSA 
146.700  146.2R  DunedinKE4EMC 
146.970  103.5R  LargoWB4BZF 
147.030  156.7R  LargoWD4SCD 
147.060   R  St PetersburgWA4AKH 
147.120  146.2R  St PetersburgKR4U 
147.210  156.7R  RedingtonShoresW4NHL 
147.285  146.2R  St PetersburgK4LK 
147.315   R  St PetersburgN4BSA 
147.360  127.3R  St PetersburgW4MRA 
224.02    R  St PetersburgN0RW 
224.22    R  LargoKO4CR 
224.38   146.2R  St PetersburgK4LK 
224.44    R  RedingtonShoresW4NHL 
224.66    R  St PetersburgWA4AKH 
224.94    R  ClearwaterWB4BZF 
441.875   R  St PetersburgK4LK 
441.950   R  St PetersburgK4LK 
442.075  146.2R  ClearwaterK4LK 
442.150  103.5R  ClearwaterK4PEK 
442.175  127.3R  DunedinWA4BSA 
442.350   R  DunedinW4BNC 
442.400  156.7R  ClearwaterW4ACS 
442.500   R  St PetersburgKR4U 
442.625  103.5R  St PetersburgW4ORM 
442.800  156.7R  South PasadenaW4ACS 
443.050  103.5R  ClearwaterWD0DIA 
443.400  156.7R  South PasadenaW4ACS 
443.450  100.0R  St PetersburgNI4CE 
443.625  146.2R  St PetersburgK4LK 
443.800  156.7R  RedingtonShoresW4NHL 
443.850  146.2R  St PetersburgW4BNC 
443.925  127.3R  St PetersburgW4ABC 
444.050  103.5R  St PetersburgN4TZL 
444.150  103.5R  DunedinWB4BZF 
444.175   R  St PetersburgKA9RIX 
444.225  103.5R  St PetersburgWW4I 
444.350  146.2R  South PasadenaWA3RRK 
444.375   R  ClearwaterKE4EMC 
444.475   R  St PetersburgWA4AKH 
444.500   R  LargoKA9RIX 
444.575   R  LargoKA9RIX 
444.700  146.2R  St PetersburgK4LK 
444.725   R  St PetersburgKA9RIX 
1285.5    103.5R  DunedinWB4BZF 
1291.0    127.3R  St PetersburgKE4CGL 


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