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Duval County Scanner Frequencies (FL)

Scanner frequencies for Duval County FL

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Color Legend: Blue=Motorola, Green=LTR, Yellow=EDACS

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Area Frequencies
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
460.575       Fire Disp.

Jacksonville Bc
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
154.220       Fire Disp.

Amateur Radio
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLCityCall  Notes
29.64   103.5R  JacksonvilleNS4R 
53.03   103.5R  JacksonvilleNS4R 
53.29    R  JacksonvilleWB4TLC 
53.33    R  JacksonvilleW4RNG 
145.290  127.3R  JacksonvilleN4GIH 
145.350   R  Jacksonville BcKB4ARS 
145.450  103.5R  JacksonvilleNS4R 
146.640  156.7R  JacksonvilleW4IJJ 
146.700  127.3R  JacksonvilleW4IZ 
146.760   R  JacksonvilleW4RNG 
146.805  103.5R  JacksonvilleKK4BD 
146.880   R  JacksonvilleW4RNG 
146.925   R  JacksonvilleW4JSO 
146.955  131.8R  JacksonvilleAA4QI 
147.030   R  JacksonvilleW4BWE 
147.135  127.3R  JacksonvilleW4EMN 
147.180   R  JacksonvilleKB4CKC 
147.225  127.3R  Jacksonville BcW4RCS 
147.315  127.3R  JacksonvilleKC5BMJ 
147.330   R  JacksonvilleN4KWC 
147.390  127.3R  Jacksonville BcW4RCS 
224.78    R  JacksonvilleKE4FZM 
224.94   103.5R  JacksonvilleNS4R 
442.425  127.3R  Jacksonville BcW4RCS 
444.100  103.5R  JacksonvilleNS4R 
444.200  118.8R  JacksonvilleWW9Z 
444.275  127.3R  JacksonvilleW4COJ 
444.400  127.3R  JacksonvilleW4IZ 
444.425  127.3R  JacksonvilleWA2VLD 
444.675   R  JacksonvilleW4RNG 
444.800  103.5R  JacksonvilleAA4QI 
444.825  156.7R  JacksonvilleW4IJJ 
444.875   R  Jacksonville BcKB4ARS 
444.900  77.0R  JacksonvilleW4JSO 
444.925  127.3R  JacksonvilleN4GIH 
444.975  D466R  JacksonvilleW4WZG 
927.5125 127.3R  JacksonvilleN4KOX 
927.650  D411R  JacksonvilleK7BEN 
927.700  D413R  JacksonvilleW4WZG 
1291.1    103.5R  JacksonvilleAA4QI 
1291.2     R  JacksonvilleKE4KNE 


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