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Denver County Scanner Frequencies (CO)

Scanner frequencies for Denver County CO

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Color Legend: Blue=Motorola, Green=LTR, Yellow=EDACS

Scroll down to see services other than Police/Fire/EMS

Area Frequencies
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
154.0700 103.5    Fire Dispatch Simulcast of EDACS System
852.5625 P25-1P    
852.8125 P25-1P    
853.4750 P25-1P   State Department of Corrections and Mutual Aid
853.6750 P25-1P   State Department of Corrections and Mutual Aid
853.7000 P25-1P    
853.9625 P25-1P   State Department of Corrections and Mutual Aid

FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
771.71875P25-1P   DIA
772.14375P25-1P   DIA
772.40625P25-1P   DIA
773.03125P25-1P   Auraria Campus
773.28125P25-1P   Auraria Campus
773.49375P25-1P   DIA
773.53125P25-1P   Auraria Campus
773.78125P25-1P   Auraria Campus
854.9875  E   City Police and Fire
855.4875  E   City Police and Fire
855.9875  E   City Police and Fire
856.4875  E   City Police and Fire
857.7375  E   City Police and Fire
867.8625      Fire Tac
868.325       Fire Tac

Local Government
FreqPL/MTyChannelCity  Notes
854.0625  E19 Denver trunk system
854.4375  E10 Denver trunk system
854.5625  E20 Denver trunk system
854.9875  E01 Denver trunk system
855.2375  E11 Denver trunk system
855.4875  E02 Denver trunk system
855.7375  E12 Denver trunk system
855.9875  E03 Denver trunk system
856.2375  E13 Denver trunk system
856.4875  E04 Denver trunk system
856.7375  E14 Denver trunk system
857.2375  E05 Denver trunk system
857.4875  E15 Denver trunk system
857.7375  E06 Denver trunk system
858.2375  E16 Denver trunk system
858.4875  E07 Denver trunk system
858.7375  E17 Denver trunk system
859.2375  E08 Denver trunk system
859.4875  E18 Denver trunk system
859.7375  E09 Denver trunk system
T 65 E  Sheriff Dispatch
T 93 E  Sheriff Car-car
T 536 E  Dispatch 1A
T 537 E  Dispatch 1B
T 538 E  Dispatch 1C
T 545 E  North Central dispatch
T 552 E  Dispatch 2A
T 553 E  Dispatch 2B
T 554 E  Dispatch 2C
T 561 E  Southeast dispatch
T 577 E  Southwest dispatch
T 593 E  Northeast dispatch
T 609 E  Downtown dispatch

Amateur Radio
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLCityCall  Notes
53.11    R  DenverN0PYY 
145.475  100.0R  DenverN0JOQ 
146.715   R  DenverN0JXN 
146.985  100.0R  DenverK0FEZ 
147.300  103.5R  DenverN0PYY 
224.18    R  DenverK9UL 
224.64   100.0R  DenverWA0KBT 
447.125  100.0R  DenverN0JOQ 
447.225  141.3R  DenverN0WBW 
447.925  100.0R  DenverK0FEZ 
448.075  123.0R  DenverN5EHP 
448.500  100.0R   KB0UDD 
448.550  82.5R  DenverW0KIZ 
448.575   R  DenverKA0TTW 
448.675  100.0R  DenverKA0HTT 
449.050  107.2R  DenverK9UL 
449.200   R  DenverKC4UCB 
449.225  141.3R  DenverN0WBW 
449.650  100.0R  DenverK0IKN 

FreqPL/MTyCityCall  Notes
118.1250   DIA Deicing DS D EE
118.7500   DIA Clearance Delivery
119.3000   DIA Trancon
119.4750   DIA Ramp Control C Concourse
119.7000   DIA Tracon Jeffco
120.3500   DIA Tracon
120.8000   DIA Final Approach
121.8500   DIA Ground RWY 08-26 17L-35R 17R-35L
123.6500   DIA RDO
123.8500   DIA Final Approach
124.3000   DIA Tower RWY 08-26 17L-35R
124.6750   DIA AWOS
124.9500   DIA Trancon
125.6000   DIA ATIS
125.7500   DIA Final Approach
126.100    DIA Departure West
126.5500   DIA Approach South
127.0500   DIA Departure North
127.5000   DIA Ground RWY 07-25 16L-34R 16R-34L
128.2500   DIA Departure East
128.4500   DIA Departure South
128.7500   DIA Ground Alternate Mostly De-icing Operations
129.1750   DIA Deicing B Pad West of Concourse B
129.4000   DIA Ramp B North Concourse
129.8500   DIA Deicing A Pad West of Concourse A
130.2000   DIA Unicom
130.5250   DIA Deicing WA Pad
130.6000   DIA Ramp B South Concourse
130.8750   DIA Deicing C Pad
131.6750   DIA Deicing J Pad
131.9750   DIA Ramp Control A Concourse & Cargo
132.3500   DIA Tower RWY 7-25
132.7500   DIA Tracon
133.3000   DIA Tower RWY 17R-35L
133.6250   DIA Approach West Low Altitude
134.0250   DIA ATIS Departure
135.3000   DIA Tower RWY 08-26 17L-35R 16L-34R 16R-34L
239.2700   DIA Tower Emergency Use
251.0750   DIA Departure South
256.8500   DIA Tower RWY 08-26 17L-35R
307.3000   DIA Trancon
322.4500   DIA Tower RWY 17R-35L
351.9500   DIA Tower RWY 08-26 17L-35R 16L-34R 16R-34L
360.7500   DIA Departure West
363.2500   DIA Departure North
371.9500   DIA Departure East
377.1000   DIA Ground RWY 08-26 17L-35R 17R-35L
379.9000   DIA ATIS
380.3000   DIA Ground RWY 07-25 16L-34R 16R-34L
381.5000   DIA Tracon

AM/FM/TV/Shortwave Broadcast
FreqPL/MTyCityCall  Notes
.850  AM DenverKOAKOA - News Talk

FreqPL/MTyChannelCityCall  Notes
163.6250 151.4  DIA ICE TSA
166.5875 P25  DIA Customs and Border Protection
172.9000    DIA TSA

FreqPL/MTyChannelCityCall  Notes
160.3200      Union Pacific Denver Belt Line
160.4700      Union Pacific Denver Area Road Switching
160.5150      Union Pacific 36th Street Yard
160.5750    Denver BNSF Mechanical and MOW
160.5900    Denver BNSF Crew Vans
160.6950    Denver BNSF Operations Mainline 20th to 48th Street
160.6950    Denver BNSF Union Station
160.7750      Union Pacific North Yard
160.9200      Union Pacific Denver to Pueblo Junction
161.1000    Denver BNSF Between 20th Street and Englewood
161.1000      Union Pacific Denver to Prospect
161.2500    Denver BNSF Industrial Switching
161.2800    Denver BNSF Information Channel
161.2950    Denver BNSF 31st Street and 38th Street Yards
161.4150      Union Pacific Fuel Rack
161.4900      Union Pacific Denver to North Hazeltine
161.5500    Denver Union Pacific Denver Area Mainlines
161.5500      Amtrak Union Station
161.6400    Coors Field Media Live Feed
450.0500    Coors Field Media Live Feed
450.8000    Coors Field Media Live Feed
451.5250 261DP  Coors Field Ushers
451.8750 131DP  Coors Field Media Relations
452.2250 261DP  Coors Field Rest Room Maintenance
461.5625    Pepsi Center Medical
461.7875    Pepsi Center Safety
461.8875    Sports Authorit Sports Authority Field At Mile High Gate Operations
462.0625    Sports Authorit Sports Authority Field At Mile High facilities Mainyenance & Janitorial
463.6875    Sports Authorit Sports Authority Field At Mile High Security
463.7500 565DP  Coors Field Command Post
463.8375    Sports Authorit Sports Authority Field At Mile High Concession Stands
464.1250    Coors Field Ushers Season Tickets Guest Relations
464.1750    Coors Field Ticket Scanners
464.7375    Sports Authorit Sports Authority Field At Mile High Security
466.1125    Pepsi Center Guest Services Concourse
469.4125    Pepsi Center Guest Services Floor


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