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Alameda County Scanner Frequencies (CA)

Scanner frequencies for Alameda County CA

(Including Hayward Scanner Frequencies)

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Click here to see FCC frequency listings for Alameda County CA

Color Legend: Blue=Motorola, Green=LTR, Yellow=EDACS

Scroll down to see services other than Police/Fire/EMS

Area Frequencies
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
T 26051F1P   Alameda Co Fire 1
T 26061F1P   Alameda Co Fire 2
T 26071F1P   Alameda Co Fire 3
T 30051F1P   Alameda City PD 1
T 30061F1P   Alameda City PD 2
T 30551F1P   Albany City PD 1
T 30561F1P   Albany City PD 2
T 31051F1P   Berkeley City PD 1
T 31061F1P   Berkeley City PD 2
T 31551F1P   Emeryville City PD 1
T 32051F1P   Fremont City PD 1
T 33051F1P   Livermore City PD 1
T 33551F1P   Newark City PD 1
T 35051F1P   Pleasanton City PD 1
T 35551F1P   San Leandro City PD 1
T 36051F1P   UC Berkeley PD 1
T 36551F1P   Union City PD 1
T 37051F1P   Alameda SO 1
T 37071F1P   Alameda SO 2

FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
154.385       Fire Disp.
460.200       Police Disp.

FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
154.190       Fire Disp.
460.175       Police Disp.

FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
453.450       Police Disp.

FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
460.600       Fire Disp.
483.1125      Police Disp.

Local Government
FreqPL/MTyChannelCity  Notes
769.093751F1P  EBRCSA NW
769.293751F1P  EBRCSA SW
769.331251F1P  EBRCSA E
769.581251F1P  EBRCSA SW
769.768751F1P  EBRCSA NW
769.831251F1P  EBRCSA E
769.868751F1P  EBRCSA SW
770.293751F1P  EBRCSA NW
770.331251F1P  EBRCSA SW
770.368751F1P  EBRCSA E
770.568751F1P  EBRCSA NW
770.768751F1P  EBRCSA SW
770.843751F1P  EBRCSA NW
771.043751F1P  EBRCSA SW
771.193751F1P  EBRCSA NW
771.343751F1P  EBRCSA SW
771.493751F1P  EBRCSA NW
771.568751F1P  EBRCSA E
771.643751F1P  EBRCSA SW
771.793751F1P  EBRCSA NW
771.943751F1P  EBRCSA SW acc
772.018751F1P  EBRCSA E
772.093751F1P  EBRCSA NW
772.243751F1P  EBRCSA SW acc
772.393751F1P  EBRCSA NW
772.543751F1P  EBRCSA SW acc
772.693751F1P  EBRCSA NW
772.768751F1P  EBRCSA E acc
772.843751F1P  EBRCSA SW cc
772.993751F1P  EBRCSA NW
773.468751F1P  EBRCSA NW acc
773.668751F1P  EBRCSA E acc
773.743751F1P  EBRCSA NW cc
774.143751F1P  EBRCSA E acc
774.218751F1P  EBRCSA NW cc
774.493751F1P  EBRCSA NW cc
774.893751F1P  EBRCSA E cc
851.3375 1F1P  EBRCSA Crane Ridge
852.450  1F1P  EBRCSA Crane Ridge
852.950  1F1P  EBRCSA Crane Ridge acc
853.5625 1F1P  EBRCSA Crane Ridge cc

Amateur Radio
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLCityCall  Notes
52.76   114.8R  HaywardK6EAG 
52.90   114.8R  LivermoreK6LRG 
145.130  127.3R  HaywardK6EAG 
145.290  131.8R  BerkeleyK6GOD 
145.430  100.0R  LivermoreAE6D 
146.085  114.8R  NewarkKI6AOZ 
146.61   123.0R  Union CityKM6EF 
146.670  85.4R  OaklandW6BUR 
146.775  100.0R  LivermoreWA6YHJ 
146.880  77.0R  OaklandWB6NDJ 
146.940  123.0R  FremontN6OXR 
147.015  103.5R  FremontWA6PWW 
147.030  156.7R  San LeandroWB6BDD 
147.045  94.8R  PleasantonAD6KV 
147.120  100.0R  LivermoreAD6KV 
147.210  100.0R  OaklandWB6TCS 
147.240   R  San LeandroW6RGG 
147.975  156.7R  HaywardKK6AN 
223.78   131.8R  BerkeleyK7IJ 
223.90   107.2R  FremontWA6PWW 
224.16   156.7R  OaklandKC6LHL 
224.18   94.8R  FremontKU6V 
224.40   123.0R  HaywardKC6ZIS 
224.70   156.7R  San LorenzoKQ6YG 
224.74    R  LivermoreKO6PW 
224.76   85.4R  OaklandW6YOP 
440.000  110.9R  FremontWA6FSP 
440.0375 DSTARR  OaklandW6YYY 
440.050  156.7R  HaywardKQ6YG 
440.175  131.8R  BerkeleyK7IJ 
440.350  123.0R  OaklandKM6EF 
440.400   R  BerkeleyWB6WTM(closed)
440.475  71.9R  HaywardKK6AN 
440.525   R  San LeandroN6TC 
440.575  118.8R  OaklandW6EBW 
440.600  107.2R  LivermoreKI6FEO 
440.825   R  BerkeleyWB6IXH(closed)
440.900  131.8R  BerkeleyWA2UNP 
440.925   R  BerkeleyKH8AF(closed)
440.950  100.0R  HaywardKB6LED 
441.125  100.0R  FremontKC6WXO 
441.225  100.0R  OaklandW6RCA 
441.300  110.9R  FremontWB6ECE 
441.425  114.8R  OaklandWT6L 
441.475   R  OaklandW6YOP(closed)
441.525  123.0R  FremontK6AIR 
441.800   R  San LeandroKQ6RC 
442.075  103.5R  PleasantonN6MVT 
442.200   R  OaklandKH8AF(closed)
442.250  103.5R  OaklandKD6QDW 
442.275  100.0R  BerkeleyWA6ZTY 
442.350  107.2R  HaywardK6GOD 
442.400  77.0R  OaklandWB6NDJ 
442.600  107.2R  FremontWA6PWW 
442.625  94.8R  PleasantonAD6KV 
442.675   R  BerkeleyWB6UZX(closed)
442.725   R  BerkeleyK6DJR(closed)
442.775   R  San LeandroKB6NCL(closed)
442.925   R  PleasantonW6RGG(closed)
443.200  77.0R  OaklandN6GVI(closed)
443.325  100.0R  BerkeleyWB6JKV 
443.350  186.2R  OaklandAC6OT 
443.375  114.8R  OaklandWB6SHU 
443.400   R  FremontN6IGF(closed)
443.475  100.0R  OaklandN6QOP 
443.650   R  PleasantonK6TEA(closed)
443.700  136.5R  FremontK6JJC 
443.725  127.3R  FremontN6HWI 
443.875   R  OaklandW6MTF(closed)
443.975   R  OaklandKJ6VU(closed)
444.150  103.5R  NewarkN3EL 
444.200  107.2R  San LeandroW6RGG 
444.250  100.0R  OaklandWB6TCS 
444.650   R  OaklandW6PUE(closed)
444.725  114.8R  OaklandKK6RQ 
444.775   R  OaklandW6YOP(closed)
444.800   R  FremontWA6GEL(closed)
444.800   R  OaklandKD6GLT(closed)
444.825  127.3R  HaywardK6EAG 
927.375  88.5R  PleasantonN6QL 
927.425   R  OaklandWA6JQV(closed)
927.475   R  OaklandWA6JQV(closed)
1282.225  88.5R  LivermoreW6RLW 
1282.6    100.0R  FremontKJ6NN 
1284.45    R  OaklandKD6GLT(closed)
1284.725  88.5R  PleasantonN6QL 
1284.750  88.5R  PleasantonN6QL 
1285.3    88.5R  BerkeleyKK6PH 
1285.55   114.8R  BerkeleyWA2UNP 
1286.625  88.5R  LivermoreK6LRG 
1287.625  88.5R  PleasantonK6LRG 
1292.5    100.0R  LivermoreK6USH 

AM/FM/TV/Shortwave Broadcast
FreqPL/MTyCityCall  Notes
.660  AM BakersfieldKGSVKGSV Radio Punjabi

FreqPL/MTyChannelCityCall  Notes
409.4125 CA0BM    


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