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Maricopa County Scanner Frequencies (AZ)

Scanner frequencies for Maricopa County AZ

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Color Legend: Blue=Motorola, Green=LTR, Yellow=EDACS

Scroll down to see services other than Police/Fire/EMS

Area Frequencies
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
158.7525 103.5    Circle City Morristown VFD
857.7625  M   Sheriff Phoenix North
858.7625  M   Sheriff Phoenix North
859.2625  M   Sheriff Scottsdale
860.2625  M   Sheriff Scottsdale
866.6750  M   Sheriff Chandler
866.7750  M   Sheriff Phoenix Downtown
866.7875  M   Sheriff Carefree
866.8125  M   Sheriff Oatman
866.8500  M   Sheriff South Scottsdale
867.8625  M   Sheriff Oatman
867.8750  M   Sheriff Oatman
868.7625  M   Sheriff South Scottsdale
868.8250  M   Sheriff Phoenix Downtown
868.8375  M   Sheriff Northeast Phoenix
868.8500  M   Sheriff Central Phoenix
868.8625  M   Sheriff Carefree
868.8750  M   Sheriff Central Phoenix
868.9000  M   Sheriff Chandler
868.9000  M   Sheriff Northeast Phoenix
868.9125  M   Sheriff West
868.9250  M   Sheriff Mesa
868.9375  M   Sheriff
868.9500  M   Sheriff Mesa
T 8336 M   Other agencies to Sheriff Dispatch
T 8400 M  1Sheriff Event
T 8432 M  2Sheriff Event
T 8464 M  3Sheriff Event
T 8496 M  4Sheriff Event
T 8528 M  5Sheriff Event
T 8560 M  6Sheriff Event
T 8592 M  7Sheriff Event
T 8624 M  8Sheriff Event
T 43120 M   Sheriff Dispatch West
T 43152 M   Sheriff Car to Car West
T 43184 M   Sheriff Emergency West
T 43216 M   Sheriff Tactical West
T 43248 M   Sheriff Dispatch East
T 43280 M   Sheriff Car to Car East
T 43312 M   Sheriff Emergency East
T 43344 M   Sheriff Tactical East
T 43376 M   Sheriff Dispatch Central
T 43408 M   Sheriff Information
T 43440 M  1Sheriff Dispatch Lakes
T 43472 M  2Sheriff Car to Car Lakes

Apache Junction
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
T 3107 P   Police Dispatch
T 3108 P  APolice Tac
T 3109 P  BPolice Tac
T 3115 P   Police Dispatch

FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
154.0850 173.8    Fire Tac
769.11875P25-1P   Police and Fire Simulcast J
769.36875P25-1P   Police and Fire Simulcast J
769.86875P25-1P   Police and Fire Simulcast J

FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
770.10625P25-1P   Police and Fire Simulcast C
770.35625P25-1P   Police and Fire Simulcast C
772.10625P25-1P   Police and Fire Simulcast C
772.10625P25-1P   Police and Fire Simulcast C
858.4625 136.5    Police Explorer / Event A
859.4625 136.5    Police Explorer / Event B

Fort McDowell
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
154.0850 114.8   1Fire Dispatch
158.8800      Fire Tac
408.4750 P25   2Police Tac
411.6750 P25    Police Dispatch
T 3600 P   Police
T 3601 P   Fire

Gila Bend
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
155.0550      Fire Tac

Gila River IC
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
867.7000      South Mountain Fire Dispatch
867.8875      Komatke Fire Dispatch
867.9500      South Mountain Fire Tac
868.3250      Komatke Fire Tac

FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
T 3049 P  1Police Dispatch
T 3050 P   Police Info
T 3051 P  3Police Alternate Dispatch
T 3052 P  4Police Detail
T 3053 P  5Police Detail 2
T 3054 P  6Police Car to Car
T 3058 P   Search and Rescue
T 3059 P  1Events
T 3060 P  2Events
T 3061 P  3Events
T 3062 P  4Events

FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
T 1666 P  K3Fire
T 1667 P  K2Fire
T 4727 P  14Police Arena 2
T 4728 P  13Police Arena 1
T 4731 P  10Police Alternate
T 4737 P  4Police North Dispatch
T 4740 P  1Police South Dispatch

FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
772.44375P25-1P   Police and Fire
772.69375P25-1P   Police and Fire
772.94375P25-1P   Police and Fire
773.19375P25-1P   Police and Fire

FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
852.7500 P25-1P   Police and Fire Simulcast
852.8250 P25-1P   Police and Fire Simulcast
853.2750 P25-1P   Police and Fire Simulcast
853.3500 P25-1P   Police and Fire Simulcast
T 3031 P  1Emergency Management
T 3032 P  2Emergency Management
T 3717 P   Streets
T 3727 P  1Parks
T 3738 P  2Parks

Paradise Valley
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
857.9625 100.0    Police
T 52176 M  1Police Relay
T 52272 M   Access to Scottsdale PD

FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
771.06875P25-1P   Police and Fire Simulcast G West Valley
771.56875P25-1P   Police and Fire Simulcast G West Valley
771.61875P25-1P   Police and Fire Simulcast G West Valley
771.86875P25-1P   Police and Fire Simulcast G West Valley
772.06875P25-1P   Police and Fire
772.31875P25-1P   Police and Fire
772.81875P25-1P   Police and Fire

FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
151.3700     A10Fire North Tac
153.7700     A8Fire South Tac
153.8300     A5Fire Northeast Tac
154.0250     A11Fire Scottsdale Tac
154.0700     A3Fire West Tac
154.1300     A12Fire Southeast Tac
154.1450     A7Fire Tempe Tac
154.1900 173.8   A1Fire Dispatch
154.2500 173.8   A2Fire East Phoenix Tac
154.2800     A4Fire Mutual Aid
154.3100     A6Fire Northwest Tac
154.4300     A13Fire Southwest Tac
155.6700     A9Fire West Tac
155.7150     A15Fire Event
155.7750     A14Fire Hazmat
769.25625P25-1P   Police and Fire Far North
769.28125P25-1P   Police and Fire
769.30625P25-1P   Police and Fire
769.50625P25-1P   Police and Fire Far North
769.53125P25-1P   Police and Fire
769.55625P25-1P   Police and Fire
769.78125P25-1P   Police and Fire
769.80625P25-1P   Police and Fire
770.03125P25-1P   Police and Fire
770.05625P25-1P   Police and Fire
770.83125P25-1P   Police and Fire Simulcast B
771.13125P25-1P   Police and Fire Simulcast B
771.18125P25-1P   Police and Fire Simulcast B
771.43125P25-1P   Police and Fire Simulcast B
771.76875P25-1P   Police and Fire
772.01875P25-1P   Police and Fire
772.08125P25-1P   Police and Fire
772.26875P25-1P   Police and Fire
772.33125P25-1P   Police and Fire
772.58125P25-1P   Police and Fire
772.83125P25-1P   Police and Fire
772.98125P25-1P   Police and Fire
773.15625P25-1P   Police and Fire Far North
773.40625P25-1P   Police and Fire Far North
773.65625P25-1P   Police and Fire Far North
773.90625P25-1P   Police and Fire Far North
867.1750 P25-1P   Police and Fire Simulcast A
867.2125 P25-1P   Police and Fire Simulcast A
867.9625 P25-1P   Police and Fire Simulcast A
868.1625 P25-1P   Police and Fire Simulcast A
T 1606 P  15Fire Tac
T 1607 P  14Fire Tac
T 1608 P  13Fire Major Incident / Mountain Rescue
T 1609 P  12Fire Major Incident / Mountain Rescue
T 1610 P  L10Fire Events
T 1610 P  11Fire Major Incident / Mountain Rescue
T 1611 P  K 10Fire Major Incident / Mountain Rescue
T 1612 P  K9Fire Tac West
T 1613 P  8Fire Tac South
T 1614 P  K7Fire Tac East
T 1615 P  K6Fire Tac North
T 1616 P  L 15Fire Events
T 1617 P  L 14Fire Events
T 1618 P  L 13Fire Events
T 1619 P  L 12Fire Events
T 1620 P  L 11Fire Events
T 1622 P  L9Fire Events
T 1623 P  L8Fire Events
T 1624 P  L7Fire Events
T 1625 P  L6Fire Events
T 1626 P  L5Fire Events
T 1627 P  L4Fire Events
T 1628 P  L3Fire Tac
T 1629 P  L2Fire Events
T 1630 P  L 16Fire Events
T 1753 P  K2Fire Tac
T 1786 P  K3Fire Tac
T 1795 P  1Fire Alarm
T 2808 P  BPolice Black Mountain Precinct Dispatch
T 2811 P  APolice Black Mountain Precinct Dispatch
T 2975 P  BPolice Cactus Park Precinct Dispatch
T 2976 P  BPolice Maryvale Precinct Dispatch
T 2977 P  BPolice Mountain View Precinct Dispatch
T 2978 P  BPolice Desert Horizon Precinct Dispatch
T 2979 P  BPolice Central Precinct Dispatch
T 2980 P  BPolice South Mountain Precinct Dispatch
T 2991 P  APolice Cactus Park Precinct Dispatch
T 2992 P  APolice Maryvale Precinct Dispatch
T 2993 P  APolice Mountain View Precinct Dispatch
T 2994 P  APolice Desert Horizon Precinct Dispatch
T 2995 P  APolice Central Precinct Dispatch
T 2996 P  APolice South Mountain Precinct Dispatch

RuralMetro Fire
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
153.8600 100.0   6Scottsdale Tac
154.1600     8East Tac
154.3700 100.0   10West Tac
154.3700 114.8   1Fire Alarm
154.4000 114.8   5East Tac
155.3850 114.8   9West Tac
155.8050 114.8   3Foot Hills Tac
157.4850      Mobile to Mobile
158.8050     7Scottsdale Tac

Salt River IC
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
453.7250 114.8    Fire Dispatch

FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
460.350       Police Helicopters
771.09375P25-1P   Police and Fire Simulcast H
771.34375P25-1P   Police and Fire Simulcast H
771.59375P25-1P   Police and Fire Simulcast H
771.84375P25-1P   Police and Fire Simulcast H
T 3401 P  1Police South Dispatch
T 3402 P  2Police North Dispatch
T 3403 P  3Police Tac
T 3404 P  5Police Event 1
T 3405 P  6Police Event 3
T 3406 P  7Police Traffic 1
T 3417 P  4Police Tac
T 3434 P  CO 6Police Event 4
T 3443 P  CO 5Police Event
T 5136    1Airport Operations
T 5168 M  2Airport

Sun City
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
853.9875 127.3    Police
T 1811 P  K3Fire
T 1812 P  K2Fire
T 6200 M   Sheriffs Posse Main

FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
T 4301 P   Police Dispatch
T 4306 P   Police Citywide

FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
771.91875P25-1P   Police and Fire Simulcast F
773.16875P25-1P   Police and Fire Simulcast F
774.16875P25-1P   Police and Fire Simulcast F
774.41875P25-1P   Police and Fire Simulcast F
T 2080 P  CO7Public Work to Police Link
T 2601 P  2Police North Dispatch
T 2602 P  3Police Dispatch Central
T 2603 P  4Police Dispatch South
T 2618 P  10Police Event 5
T 2619 P  CO9Police Event 4
T 2620 P  B09Police Event 3
T 2621 P  9Police Event 2
T 2622 P  C11Police Event 1
T 2624 P  6Police Security Tac
T 2637 P  5Police Mill Ave Tac

FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
T 4895 P   Diamond West Valley Casino and Resort Security

FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
856.2625      Police Dispatch
T 4899 P   Police

FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
154.0850      Blue Deck Response
154.2050     1Fire Dispatch
154.3250     2Fire

FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
155.6250 110.9    Police Dispatch
155.8650 100.0    Fire Dispatch
159.5550 146.2    Lifeline Ambulance Dispatch

Amateur Radio
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLCityCall  Notes
145.125  DSTARR  MesaKE7JFH 
146.9400 162.2    W7ARAWhite Tanks
147.0800 162.2     Thompson Peak (Skywarn Back Up)
441.1000 103.5   ScottsdaleW0NWA 
442.675  123.0R  PhoenixWW7B 
442.8000 100.0   Scottsdale South Mountain SKYWARN
446.400  100.0R  PhoenixW7GDY 

FreqPL/MTyCityCall  Notes
118.0000   Glendale Glendale Airport Ground
118.100    Phoenix Sky Harbor Clearance
118.2500   Mesa Falcon Field ATIS
118.3500   Goodyear ATIS
118.4000   Deer Valley South Tower
118.7000   Phoenix Sky Harbor Tower North Runway 8/26
118.8000   Mesa Gateway Helicopter
119.2000   Phoenix North Departure
119.4250   Glendale Glendale Airport ATIS
119.700    Mesa Falcon Field Tower North and West Arrival and Departure
119.7500   Phoenix Sky Harbor North Ground
119.9000   Scottsdale Tower
120.1000   Goodyear Tower
120.2000   Deer Valley North Tower
120.4000   Phoenix Sky Harbor Final Approach South Runway 7/25
120.6000   Mesa Gateway CTAF
120.6000   Mesa Gateway West
120.7000   Phoenix North Biltmore Sector
120.9000   Phoenix Sky Harbor Tower South Runway 7/25
121.0000   Glendale Glendale Airport Tower
121.3000   Mesa Falcon Field Ground
121.6000   Scottsdale Ground
121.7000   Goodyear Ground
121.8000   Deer Valley Ground
122.9500   Glendale Glendale Airport Unicom
122.9500   Mesa Falcon Field Unicom
122.9500   Goodyear Unicom
122.9500   Scottsdale Unicom
122.9500   Chandler Municipal Airport Unicom
123.025    Phoenix Police Helicopters
123.500    Phoenix Police Helicopters
123.7000   Phoenix East Tempe Sector
123.9000   Deer Valley Clearence
124.1000   Phoenix South Arrival
124.4000   Chandler Municipal Airport Ground
124.6000   Mesa Falcon Field Tower South and East Arrival and Departure
124.7500   Mesa Gateway East
124.8000   Scottsdale ATIS
124.9000   Phoenix Southeast Willie Sector
125.5000   Scottsdale Helicopter Control
126.1000   Chandler Municipal Airport North and West Arrivals and Departures
126.5000   Deer Valley ATIS
126.60000  Phoenix Sky Harbor Final Approach North Runway 8/26
126.8000   Phoenix South Departure
127.5750   Phoenix Sky Harbor ATIS
128.2500   Mesa Gateway Ground
128.6500   Phoenix North Arrival
132.5500   Phoenix Sky Harbor South Ground
133.1000   Chandler Municipal Airport South and East Arrivals and Departures
133.7000   Phoenix Sky Harbor North Ground
134.8500   Phoenix Sky Harbor Major Incidents
239.3000   Goodyear Tower
275.8000   Mesa Gateway Ground
289.4000   Mesa Gateway West
379.2250   Mesa Gateway East

AM/FM/TV/Shortwave Broadcast
FreqPL/MTyCityCall  Notes
.960  AM PhoenixKKNTKKNT - News Talk

FreqPL/MTyChannelCityCall  Notes
123.9750    Mesa Phoenix Mesa Gateway Tanker Base
126.3250      Phoenix Dispatch Center Primary Air to Air
126.3250      Tonto National Forest Air to Air
155.9125   5Phoenix ATF TAC
164.8250      Tonto National Forest Fire
165.2875    Phoenix ATF Primary
165.6000      Bureau of Land Management Dispatch
166.5375    Phoenix ATF TAC
166.5875   9Phoenix ATF TAC
166.7625    Phoenix ATF Treasury Department
168.000    7Phoenix ATF TAC
168.4750      Bureau of Land Management Fire
168.5500      Smoke Jumpers (Nationa Wide)
168.6500      Flight Following (Nation Wide)
168.7250      Tonto National Forest Admin
169.3000    Phoenix Sky Harbor TSA Security Check Point
169.400       Gila River Pima Reservation
169.7000      Bureau of Land Management Law
169.8000      Bureau of Land Management Law
169.8125      Bureau of Land Management Scene of Action
170.0000      Phoenix Dispatch Center Primary Air to Ground
170.0000      Tonto National Forest Air to Ground
170.5000      Tonto National Forest Fire
170.5000 233.6 2  Gila Pima Reservation Fire
171.7000      Tonto National Forest Dispatch
171.70000     Phoenix Dispatch Dispatch
172.1500    Phoenix Sky Harbor TSA Security Check Point
172.425       Colorado River Indian Tribe
172.5250      Bureau of Land Management Fire
172.675       Fort Apache Reservation
172.9000    Phoenix Sky Harbor TSA Security Check Point
173.8250      Bureau of Land Management Fire
173.8875   6Phoenix ATF Arson

FreqPL/MTyChannelCity  Notes
385.0375  P  Luke Air Force Base
385.7625  P  Luke Air Force Base
385.9750  P  Luke Air Force Base
386.2500  P  Luke Air Force Base
408.9625 P25-1P Luke AFBLuke Air Force Base Not in use anymore
409.1625 P25-1P Gila BendGila Bend Auxilliary Airfield Air Force
409.3625 P25-1P Luke AFBLuke Air Force Base Not in use anymore
409.5625 P25-1P Luke AFBLuke Air Force Base not in use
410.1625 P25-1P Luke AFBLuke Air Force Base not in use
410.5625 P25-1P Gila BendGila Bend Auxilliary Airfield Air Force
410.7625 P25-1P Gila BendGila Bend Auxilliary Airfield Air Force
T 5003 P Luke AFBAircraft Maintenance
T 5005 P Luke AFBSuper Ops
T 5032 P1Luke AFBFire Dispatch
T 5033 P2Luke AFBFire Crash
T 5034 P3Luke AFBFire Structure / Alarm Testing
T 5035 P4Luke AFBOff BAse Response and Medical
T 5036 P5Luke AFBFire Training and Drills
T 5050 P Luke AFBPOL
T 5058 P Luke AFBSecurity Dispatch
T 5059 P Luke AFBSecurity Tac
T 5063 P Luke AFBTower
T 5069 P Luke AFBTransportation
T 5071 P Luke AFBMunitions Flight
T 5073 P Luke AFBMissiles
T 5087 P Luke AFBRange Management Office

FreqPL/MTyChannelCityCall  Notes
122.9250      State Forestry Primary Air to Air
150.8300 110.9    Proffessional Medical Transport Dispatch / Fleet Management
151.1750      State Forestry Tac 5
151.4000      State Forestry
152.9900 110.9    Proffessional Medical Transport West Valley Dispatch
153.00500110.9    Proffessional Medical Transport East Valley Dispatch
154.6950      State Forestry
154.9350      State Forestry Flight Following
159.2400      State Forestry Tac 3
159.2850      State Forestry Tac 4
159.3300      State Forestry Tac 1
159.4500      State Forestry Tac 2
160.1000      Union Pacific Phoenix Yard Master Switching
160.2050      Railroad Police
160.2600      BNSF PBX Phoenix
160.3350      BNSF PBX Wickenburg
160.4550      AMTRAK Maricopa to Las Angeles
160.6500      BNSF Phoenix Yard to MP 176.0
160.7400      AMTRAK Maricopa to Alpine Texas
160.7850      Union Pacific Road
160.8600      Union Pacific Phoenix Yard
160.8900      Union Pacific PBX
160.9500      Union Pacific PBX
160.9650      Union Pacific Phoenix Yard
161.0700      BNSF
161.3700      BNSF Yard Phoenix
161.3700      BNSF mp 176 to West Williams
161.4300      Union Pacific Tempe to Chandler
161.5500      Union Pacific Chandler Industrial Lead and Road
161.5500      Union Pacific Sunset Route Mainline
161.5500      Union Pacific Tempe Industrial Lead Road Industrial Park to Tempe Junction
161.5500      Union Pacific Litchfield Industrial Lead and Road
167.1750      State Forestry Primary Air to Ground
460.1500 100.0  Phoenix Arizona Highway Patrol Metro Phoenix West Tac
460.1750 100.0  Phoenix Arizona Highway Patrol Metro Phoenix East Tac
460.2000    Phoenix Arizona Highway Patrol Metro Phoenix East Area
460.3000 151.4  Phoenix Arizona Highway Patrol Metro Phoenix West Area
460.3250 100.0  Phoenix Arizona Highway Patrol Metro Phoenix Central Area
460.825  D743  PHXWNBG905*US Airways
462.025  146.2  PHXWQCE409US Airways/Prospect Airport Services electric carts
463.3875 D315  PHX US Airways
937.9250 6F1FM PHXWNQU892US Airways/American Airlines 6F1F
T 166F1FM PHX US Airways Emergency TG


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