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Posted by Hag the Nag on May 11, 2001 at 10:59:04:

In Reply to: Re: P-90 talk groups posted by Kyle on May 11, 2001 at 09:22:46:

: Donna,
: Sounds like you're trying to enter in trunk ID's within the conventional scanning mode, this would result in the exact conditions you describe. You must first program in the desired trunking system frequencies before entering the talk groups. I'd refer to your manual for the instructions on how to program in the trunking system; find the proper trunking system frequencies off of this website (ex: KC/VC system). If you have already programmed in the trunking system you must enter the trunking mode by pressing TRUNK, followed by the bank number in which you programmed the trunking system.

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: : Yes, I am going to ask a question about the disliked RS Pro-90. Both my husband and I have tried to enter the 5 digit talk groups for SW King County and after entering just 3 numbers, the scanner puts in a decimal and then when we enter the last 2 digits and press Enter, we get an error message. What are we doing wrong? 1-800-Theshack rep could not get it to work either. Don't bother with the usual negative comments about the RS scanners. This is what we have and what we have to work with.
: : Thanks

Along with the RS rep's guidance, I programmed the scanner from the directions in the middle of the manual. He said it is programmed the same as the Pro-91, which is also what I use (although the 91 has a prg button). (Before programming, he had me completely clear out all of the channels use the 2/9 buttons with the scanner off). Please write back

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