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Posted by Wayne Batten on May 03, 2001 at 10:24:26:

In Reply to: Talkgroups again !! posted by Brian Baldwin on May 03, 2001 at 08:33:52:

"Do I need software and have it linked to the computer?" No, you only need the software/computer for Easier programming of the scanner.

The 2067 is will suited for trunk tracking.

You need to program the trunk frequencies in the scanner bank for your area and assign the frequencies to the type of service, example: Motorola type II (MOT/II)

In the same bank you just programmed the trunk frequencies in, you now need to program what is called talk group id's for your area, example 44678.

On the 2067 per bank you can program up to 50 frequencies and up to 100 talk group id's
There is a total of 10 banks 0-9 example: you start off with bank 0 channel 00, remember the 2067 starts off with 0 (not 1)

In a nut shell:
say you have the trunk frequency and talk group ids programmed, a service (police, ems, fire) is assigned a talk group id (not frequency) you have a control channel with a roster of other frequencies, let say control-1 on TG ID 44656 keys the mic. the control channel would find the next Available frequency in it's roster for transmitting. You can cram more services utiliting less frequencies.

I am not good at explaining, I still get confused with the trunk system.


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