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Posted by RadioBurst on January 29, 2001 at 22:34:13:

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: A)Does anyone have the freq's for security at the 'Zoo?

The elephants and the park security staff are trunked. The staff can be heard at TG 5520. Park zoologists may use FRS radios. Also, when the elephants need long distance communications they dip down way low. This type of communication can occur at frequencies of 14-35 Hz. I would do a small stepped search in this range. I believe bats commonly emit echolocation ultrasounds at frequencies between 12 khz and 100 khz, if I were you I would search in this range for fast paced "whistle like" pops. I also consistently here what sounds like primates such as monkeys and gorillas on CB channels 1 through 40. Also for the larger habitat areas the zoo may use radio telemetry to track down wiley and less social animals, a search in the 150-175mhz range may lead some results. Ha-ha and Happy scanning.

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