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Posted by gregz on January 24, 2001 at 22:00:24:

In Reply to: news media posted by Jeff on January 24, 2001 at 19:11:19:

dude.. all you have to do is hit Control F in the Bulletin Board window, type "media" and you would have found a great thread containing these freqs.

122.7750 media News copters talking to eachother Seattle BigO
161.7000 media KOMO tape Qing, Microwave aiming Seattle greg
161.7300 media KING Seattle greg
166.2500 media KOMO AM 1000 6 sec precast Seattle greg
450.5125 media KING5 reg in Spokan but used in Sea Seattle BigO
450.6125 media KING5 reg in Spokan but used in Sea Seattle BigO
455.4500 media KIRO 7/KNWX Seattle web
455.5125 media KING Seattle web
806.0375 media KIRO Seattle brian
863.0375 media Traffic copter over UW Seattle greg
161.6400 traffic KIRO am 710 traffic heli (now using 450.6875) Seattle greg
161.7600 traffic KOMO am 1000 traffic heli Seattle greg
450.4125 traffic KOMO plane Seattle greg
450.6875 traffic Metro Traffic control KNWX KIRO RptrOut w/ 455.6875 Seattle greg
450.6935 traffic Metro Traffic Control KNWX Seattle brian
455.3125 traffic Metro Traffic Control (un used) Seattle greg
455.6875 traffic Metro Traffic Control RptrIn w/ 450.6875 Seattle greg

: Anyone know the freq for the tv news stations in seattle. Freq they actually monitor and hear crew being dispatched to new events.

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