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Posted by Stang on January 24, 2001 at 20:44:45:

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Yes, Donna, It would be for Mustang. I'm a Mustang freak, got two, always want more.

I dont need it for transmiting, just receiving. Now, I might be off on this, but heres what I'm thinking. I run EEG's (recording brain waves) at a hospital and we use an amplifier to boost the signal gain. Is there one for antenna's? Thats my logic, but I'm sure theres fault in it somewhere. I like the idea of multiple antennas for certain frequencies. Wheres a good place(s) to go to find these in the Seattle-Everett area, besides 'radio trash'? Thanks everyone

: : : Living in the foothills of snohomish co, reception is often hampered. Looking for a good antenna or something to boost signal reception. I can barely hear the 'notice to airmen' from BFI, let alone the tower. What kind of options are there (not too familiar with setups, so any help is appreciated)

: : : Thanks!

: : The best tips anyone can give you is simple, yet may take some time to do.
: : You need to get your antanna up high * roof top** or if you like to climb trees, put one in a tree high up.

: : Someomne told me to use a cell phone antanna, that may be good idea also.
: : Living way out does make it hard to hear, and at times even your locall police.
: : Try first to get your antanna as high as you can. If you are in an apartment, then put it high, and near a window.
: : best of luck

: i know it's not scanners are known for.. but get antenna for specific range. your arsenal could have 5 antennas of different lengths for differnt bands.. meaning you'd have to switch antennas when you get out of one antennas band. OR..

: i found that a wound CB antenna (firestik) has preatty good reception upto 700MHz.. don't be transmitten on it ablove 30Mhz though (but you knew that)

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