Posted by AL on January 23, 2001 at 20:38:00:

On the Yaesu VR-500 handheld receiver: Has anyone been successful in making the hidden
setup menu items #33 (Narrow AM) and #34 (User Port) visible? If so, how? Also, does
anyone know what the User Port on the CPU is used for?

I know it's either tricky or impossible, but is there a way to unblock the holes in the 800 MHz
band (includes "legal" freqs where cell images are picked up) on a USA version? I'm
convinced that it is possible through the User Port or power-up key sequence (or something
else perhaps), but the service manual or schematics have not revealed any good clues to

If three specific frequencies are entered in the Smart Search memories (1:L):1250.375,
(2:S):123.125 and (3:U):448.250, the unit is put into a special S-meter and squelch
alignment mode. Is there any significance to these frequencies? Could a different set of
frequencies in these memories trigger any other setup modes that might be used to
configure blocking? What might they be?

Thanks for reading

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