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Posted by Jim on January 10, 2001 at 18:02:17:

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: I realize of course that you are speaking about a VHF freq. here, but I have also heard WSF on the DOT 800 mhz trunk system. (You can't however "trunk track" this system (even with a BC 780) because it is an E.F. Johnson "multi-net" system). Could there be a "common" VHF freq., like OSCCR, that might be used by the dock crews too ??

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: : : Few weeks ago I heard a unit on a ferry (151.04) say 'let's try F3. I quickly checked the 151's and 156's with no luck. Any ideas?
: : : I know the PT terminal is lic. for 156.8, 156.45 and 156.975.
: : : (come on Brett, I know you can do this one)

: :
: : Ouch...Way to put me on the spot Mark! But seriously...I was thinking that maybe F-3 on their radios may correspond with a marine freq of a different channel number...I.e. F-3 may be Marine channel #67 (156.375), and the display may say something along the lines of:
: : F3 MC67
: : While I don't know for sure, I do know of at least 2 other instances of that being the way it is done (Royal Carribean Cruises and the USCG vessel Polar Star). I'll poke around and see what I can turn up, and of course post the results here for all to see...

: : Brett

That's Why you have a Scout Mark!
Hook it up to your 245 thru that little box
you bought and maybe you can find it.

Just a thougt. Good Luck. Jim

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