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for WQMY589

21 records retrieved

Color Legend: Blue=Motorola, Green=LTR, Yellow=EDACS
FreqTypeStCountyCityCall  LicenseeElevSite Name
3650.00000000 TXLLANOHorseshoe BayWQMY589VGI Technology, Inc (Scott Gibbs)318.8HSB Office to WT
3650.00000000 TXLLANOHorseshoe BayWQMY589VGI Technology, Inc (Scott Gibbs)267.3HSB Office to Church
3650.00000000 TXBURNETHorseshoe BayWQMY589VGI Technology, Inc (Scott Gibbs)301.7HSB Church
3650.00000000 TXTOM GREENSan AngeloWQMY589VGI Technology, Inc (Scott Gibbs)662.0Willeke Hill
3650.00000000 TXTOM GREENSan AngeloWQMY589VGI Technology, Inc (Scott Gibbs)662.0Willeke Hill 2
3650.00000000 TXREAGANBig LakeWQMY589VGI Technology, Inc (Scott Gibbs)795.0ReaganCO
3650.00000000 TXTOM GREENSan AngeloWQMY589VGI Technology, Inc (Scott Gibbs)561.7SA South Bryant
3650.00000000 TXLLANOHorseshoe BayWQMY589VGI Technology, Inc (Scott Gibbs)318.5HSB Water Tower
3650.00000000 TXMIDLANDGarden CityWQMY589VGI Technology, Inc (Scott Gibbs)756.0Garden City W
3650.00000000 TXSTERLINGSTERLING CITYWQMY589VGI Technology, Inc (Scott Gibbs)806.2Sterling City
3650.00000000 TXSTERLINGSTERLING CITYWQMY589VGI Technology, Inc (Scott Gibbs)823.0Glass Tower
3650.00000000 TXGLASSCOCKGarden CityWQMY589VGI Technology, Inc (Scott Gibbs)806.8GARDEN CITY
3650.00000000 TXREAGANBIG LAKEWQMY589VGI Technology, Inc (Scott Gibbs)813.0VGI Holt
3650.00000000 TXREAGANBig LakeWQMY589VGI Technology, Inc (Scott Gibbs)823.0Big Lake WT
3650.00000000 TXREAGANBig LakeWQMY589VGI Technology, Inc (Scott Gibbs)823.0TXBL
3650.00000000 TXTOM GREENChristovalWQMY589VGI Technology, Inc (Scott Gibbs)737.6TXCHR
3650.00000000 TXBURNETMarble FallsWQMY589VGI Technology, Inc (Scott Gibbs)278.9TXMRBFALL
3650.00000000 TXBURNETMarble FallsWQMY589VGI Technology, Inc (Scott Gibbs)278.9TXMRBFALL2
3650.00000000 TXRUNNELSBallingerWQMY589VGI Technology, Inc (Scott Gibbs)505.0TXBAL
3650.00000000 TXSUTTONSonoraWQMY589VGI Technology, Inc (Scott Gibbs)683.8TXSON
3650.00000000 TXIRIONMertzonWQMY589VGI Technology, Inc (Scott Gibbs)704.1TXMERTZ

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