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for WQLL758

78 records retrieved

Color Legend: Blue=Motorola, Green=LTR, Yellow=EDACS
FreqTypeStCountyCityCall  LicenseeElevSite Name
3650.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)107.3Gonzales Office Twr
3675.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)107.3Gonzales Office Twr
3650.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)220.01518 Water Tower
3675.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)220.01518 Water Tower
3650.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)220.1Hickory Forest
3675.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)220.1Hickory Forest
3650.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)159.2Kokernot Tower
3675.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)159.2Kokernot Tower
3650.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)88.4Hallettsville Tower
3675.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)88.4Hallettsville Tower
3650.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)114.3Cost Tower
3675.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)114.3Cost Tower
3650.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)158.5McQueeney Tower
3675.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)158.5McQueeney Tower
3650.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)174.9Geronimo Tower
3675.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)174.9Geronimo Tower
3650.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)66.7Cuero Office Tower
3675.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)66.7Cuero Office Tower
3650.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)155.0LaVernia Tower
3675.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)155.0LaVernia Tower
3650.00000000 TXGUADALUPENew, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)193.0Schumansville Tower
3675.00000000 TXGUADALUPENew, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)193.0Schumansville Tower
3650.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)211.2Cibolo Tower
3675.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)211.2Cibolo Tower
3650.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)146.0Nash Creek
3675.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)146.0Nash Creek
3650.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)148.0Olmos Tower
3675.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)148.0Olmos Tower
3650.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)173.0Wilson Tower
3675.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)173.0Wilson Tower
3650.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)168.0Yorkcreek Tower
3675.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)168.0Yorkcreek Tower
3650.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)170.0Barcus Water Tower
3675.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)170.0Barcus Water Tower
3650.00000000 TXGUADALUPESanta, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)224.0Damerau Water Tower
3675.00000000 TXGUADALUPESanta, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)224.0Damerau Water Tower
3650.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)133.0Stockdale Water Twr
3675.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)133.0Stockdale Water Twr
3650.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)108.0Nixon Tower
3675.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)108.0Nixon Tower
3650.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)134.0Moulton Tower
3675.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)134.0Moulton Tower
3650.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)116.0Yorktown Tower
3675.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)116.0Yorktown Tower
3650.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)105.0SheriffsTower
3675.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)105.0SheriffsTower
3650.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)145.0Luling Water Tower
3675.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)145.0Luling Water Tower
3650.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)138.0Poteet Water Tower
3675.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)138.0Poteet Water Tower
3650.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)131.0Karnes Electric Off
3675.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)131.0Karnes Electric Off
3650.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)107.3Gonzales Office
3675.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)107.3Gonzales Office
3650.00000000 TXKARNESFalls, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)106.6Falls City Tower
3675.00000000 TXKARNESFalls, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)106.6Falls City Tower
3650.00000000 TXWILSONSutherland, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)142.3Sutherland Springs
3675.00000000 TXWILSONSutherland, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)142.3Sutherland Springs
3650.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)106.0Ottine Water Tower
3675.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)106.0Ottine Water Tower
3650.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)103.6Yoakum Water Tower
3675.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)103.6Yoakum Water Tower
3650.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)103.9Smiley Sub Tower
3675.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)103.9Smiley Sub Tower
3650.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)122.8Waelder Tower
3675.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)122.8Waelder Tower
3650.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)105.0Sheriffs Tower
3675.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)105.0Sheriffs Tower
3650.00000000 TXGUADALUPENew, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)181.0New Berlin Sub
3675.00000000 TXGUADALUPENew, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)181.0New Berlin Sub
3650.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)68.3Cuero Wtr Twr school
3675.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)68.3Cuero Wtr Twr school
3650.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)142.0Eagle Creek
3675.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)142.0Eagle Creek
3650.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)215.0Stagecoach
3675.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)215.0Stagecoach
3650.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)100.0Cheapside
3675.00000000, Inc. (Sean Alvarez)100.0Cheapside

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