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for WQKE670

24 records retrieved

Color Legend: Blue=Motorola, Green=LTR, Yellow=EDACS
FreqTypeStCountyCityCall  LicenseeElevSite Name
3650.00000000 KYBOYLEParksvilleWQKE670Broadband on Demand, LLC (Greg Ballard)364.0Mitchellsburg Water
3650.00000000 KYLINCOLNSTANFORDWQKE670Broadband on Demand, LLC (Greg Ballard)392.9 
3650.00000000 KYBOYLEDanvilleWQKE670Broadband on Demand, LLC (Greg Ballard)280.4 
3650.00000000 KYGARRARDLancasterWQKE670Broadband on Demand, LLC (Greg Ballard)291.2 
3650.00000000 KYGARRARDLancasterWQKE670Broadband on Demand, LLC (Greg Ballard)315.5 
3650.00000000 KYBOYLEDANVILLEWQKE670Broadband on Demand, LLC (Greg Ballard)297.5 
3650.00000000 KYBOYLEJunction CityWQKE670Broadband on Demand, LLC (Greg Ballard)408.1 
3650.00000000 KYWASHINGTONSpringfieldWQKE670Broadband on Demand, LLC (Greg Ballard)259.0Shay Lane
3650.00000000 KYMERCERMcAfeeWQKE670Broadband on Demand, LLC (Greg Ballard)261.5GTP MCAFEE
3650.00000000 KYMERCERHARRODSBURGWQKE670Broadband on Demand, LLC (Greg Ballard)275.2GTP CORNISHVILLE
3650.00000000 KYGARRARDLANCASTERWQKE670Broadband on Demand, LLC (Greg Ballard)291.2CCI 811151 ROGERS
3650.00000000 KYMARIONLebanonWQKE670Broadband on Demand, LLC (Greg Ballard)246.2CCI MARION COUNTY
3650.00000000 KYRUSSELLJamestownWQKE670Broadband on Demand, LLC (Greg Ballard)300.2JAMESTOWN 1249806
3650.00000000 KYBOYLEDANVILLEWQKE670Broadband on Demand, LLC (Greg Ballard)297.5CCI PERRYVILLE RD
3650.00000000 KYBOYLEJunction CityWQKE670Broadband on Demand, LLC (Greg Ballard)408.1PKNOB 1267336
3650.00000000 KYBOYLEJunction CityWQKE670Broadband on Demand, LLC (Greg Ballard)408.1PKNOB
3650.00000000 KYBOYLEDanvilleWQKE670Broadband on Demand, LLC (Greg Ballard)280.4CCI STONEYPOINT
3650.00000000 KYGARRARDLancasterWQKE670Broadband on Demand, LLC (Greg Ballard)315.5CCI FCC1203627
3650.00000000 KYWASHINGTONSpringfieldWQKE670Broadband on Demand, LLC (Greg Ballard)265.0SIM018
3650.00000000 KYWASHINGTONWillisburgWQKE670Broadband on Demand, LLC (Greg Ballard)249.0WIL019
3650.00000000 KYWASHINGTONSpringfieldWQKE670Broadband on Demand, LLC (Greg Ballard)291.0POT017
3650.00000000 KYWASHINGTONSpringfieldWQKE670Broadband on Demand, LLC (Greg Ballard)263.0OLD020
3650.00000000 KYWASHINGTONMackvilleWQKE670Broadband on Demand, LLC (Greg Ballard)282.0MAC016
3650.00000000 KYWASHINGTONSpringfieldWQKE670Broadband on Demand, LLC (Greg Ballard)239.0SHA021

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