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for WQJC616

30 records retrieved

Color Legend: Blue=Motorola, Green=LTR, Yellow=EDACS
FreqTypeStCountyCityCall  LicenseeElevSite Name
19425.00000000FXOCAORANGESanta AnaWQJC616GTT Americas LLC (Kenneth Vannan)51.51551 Tustin
19425.00000000FXO   WQJC616GTT Americas LLC (Kenneth Vannan)11.45 Hutton
19425.00000000FXO   WQJC616GTT Americas LLC (Kenneth Vannan)443.7ATC-Chino Hills
19425.00000000FXO   WQJC616GTT Americas LLC (Kenneth Vannan)36.0MAR GARDEN
19425.00000000FXO   WQJC616GTT Americas LLC (Kenneth Vannan)42.7CALOPTIMA
19425.00000000FXO   WQJC616GTT Americas LLC (Kenneth Vannan)52.7ORANGE
23080.00000000FXOCAORANGESanta AnaWQJC616GTT Americas LLC (Kenneth Vannan)51.51551 Tustin
23080.00000000FXO   WQJC616GTT Americas LLC (Kenneth Vannan)11.45 Hutton
23080.00000000FXO   WQJC616GTT Americas LLC (Kenneth Vannan)443.7ATC-Chino Hills
23080.00000000FXO   WQJC616GTT Americas LLC (Kenneth Vannan)36.0MAR GARDEN
23080.00000000FXO   WQJC616GTT Americas LLC (Kenneth Vannan)42.7CALOPTIMA
23080.00000000FXO   WQJC616GTT Americas LLC (Kenneth Vannan)52.7ORANGE
11545.00000000FXOCAORANGESanta AnaWQJC616GTT Americas LLC (Kenneth Vannan)51.51551 Tustin
11545.00000000FXO   WQJC616GTT Americas LLC (Kenneth Vannan)11.45 Hutton
11545.00000000FXO   WQJC616GTT Americas LLC (Kenneth Vannan)443.7ATC-Chino Hills
11545.00000000FXO   WQJC616GTT Americas LLC (Kenneth Vannan)36.0MAR GARDEN
11545.00000000FXO   WQJC616GTT Americas LLC (Kenneth Vannan)42.7CALOPTIMA
11545.00000000FXO   WQJC616GTT Americas LLC (Kenneth Vannan)52.7ORANGE
11425.00000000FXOCAORANGESanta AnaWQJC616GTT Americas LLC (Kenneth Vannan)51.51551 Tustin
11425.00000000FXO   WQJC616GTT Americas LLC (Kenneth Vannan)11.45 Hutton
11425.00000000FXO   WQJC616GTT Americas LLC (Kenneth Vannan)443.7ATC-Chino Hills
11425.00000000FXO   WQJC616GTT Americas LLC (Kenneth Vannan)36.0MAR GARDEN
11425.00000000FXO   WQJC616GTT Americas LLC (Kenneth Vannan)42.7CALOPTIMA
11425.00000000FXO   WQJC616GTT Americas LLC (Kenneth Vannan)52.7ORANGE
23175.00000000FXOCAORANGESanta AnaWQJC616GTT Americas LLC (Kenneth Vannan)51.51551 Tustin
23175.00000000FXO   WQJC616GTT Americas LLC (Kenneth Vannan)11.45 Hutton
23175.00000000FXO   WQJC616GTT Americas LLC (Kenneth Vannan)443.7ATC-Chino Hills
23175.00000000FXO   WQJC616GTT Americas LLC (Kenneth Vannan)36.0MAR GARDEN
23175.00000000FXO   WQJC616GTT Americas LLC (Kenneth Vannan)42.7CALOPTIMA
23175.00000000FXO   WQJC616GTT Americas LLC (Kenneth Vannan)52.7ORANGE

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