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for WQIF231

74 records retrieved

Color Legend: Blue=Motorola, Green=LTR, Yellow=EDACS
FreqTypeStCountyCityCall  LicenseeElevSite Name
3650.00000000 CAFRESNOClovisWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)487.7Owens Mtn
3650.00000000 CAFRESNOSquaw ValleyWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)1014.4Bear Mtn
3650.00000000 CAFRESNOFresnoWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)89.0Fresno FPT
3650.00000000 CAKINGSArmonaWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)72.5ARMONA TOWER
3650.00000000 CATULARETULAREWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)90.0AVE 208 TULARE
3650.00000000 CAKERNBakersfieldWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)123.0BAKERSFIELD TWR
3650.00000000 CAKERNTaftWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)434.0MESD FELLOWS
3650.00000000 CATULAREExeterWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)472.0ROCKY HILL TOWER
3650.00000000 CAKINGSStratfordWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)62.0STRATFORD WTR TWR
3650.00000000 CATULARETULAREWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)93.9TULARE
3650.00000000 CATULAREVisaliaWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)105.0TULARE EAST
3650.00000000 CATULAREVisaliaWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)109.0VISALIA E
3650.00000000 CAMADERAMaderaWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)79.9AVE 17 TOWER
3650.00000000 CAFRESNOFirebaughWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)156.5BAKER FARMS
3650.00000000 CAFRESNOSangerWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)1015.6BEAR MOUNTAIN
3650.00000000 CATULAREPortervilleWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)349.0LEWIS HILL
3650.00000000 CAMADERAMaderaWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)84.0MADERA CC
3650.00000000 CAMADERAMaderaWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)57.1MADERA WEST
3650.00000000 CAFRESNOBiolaWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)77.2BIOLA TOWER
3650.00000000 CAFRESNOFive PointsWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)72.2BRITZ FIVE POINTS
3650.00000000 CAFRESNOFRESNOWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)83.5CARUTHERS TOWER
3650.00000000 CAMARIPOSAMariposaWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)683.9CATHEYS VALLEY TWR
3650.00000000 CAKINGSHanfordWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)66.4CORCORAN TWR
3650.00000000 CAMADERACoarsegoldWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)1352.6DEADWOOD MTN
3650.00000000 CAMERCEDLos BanosWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)99.2ATC 8330 HAMBURG FAR
3650.00000000 CAMERCEDLos BanosWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)65.0ATC 8331 ALVARADO
3650.00000000 CAFRESNOMantecaWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)1418.7MCKINZIE RIDGE
3650.00000000 CAMERCEDATWATERWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)52.4ATWATER
3650.00000000 CAFRESNOAuberryWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)1380.0MEADOW LAKES
3650.00000000 CAFRESNOMendotaWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)50.3MENDOTA
3650.00000000 CAFRESNOPaicinesWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)88.8MILLER MILLING
3650.00000000 CASTANISLAUSHughsonWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)40.6HUGHSON
3650.00000000 CAMADERAMaderaWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)86.0AVE 12 SILO
3650.00000000 CAMARIPOSAMariposaWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)1234.0MT BULLION
3650.00000000 CAFRESNOClovisWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)489.7OWENS MTN
3650.00000000 CAFRESNOReedleyWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)103.9REEDLEY SPORTS TOWER
3650.00000000 CAFRESNOReedleyWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)105.6REEDLEY TWIN TOWERS
3650.00000000 CAFRESNORiverdaleWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)65.9RIVERDALE SILO
3650.00000000 CAFRESNOFresnoWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)105.0RIVERPARK WTR TWR
3650.00000000 CAFRESNOFresnoWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)106.0RON HUNT TOWER
3650.00000000 CAFRESNOSangerWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)260.0ROUND MTN
3650.00000000 CAFRESNOFresnoWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)83.0SHIELDS GRANTLAND
3650.00000000 CAFRESNOKermanWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)54.9WEST KERMAN TOWER
3650.00000000 CASAN JOAQUINMANTECAWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)14.0MANTECA
3650.00000000 CAFRESNODel ReyWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)102.9DEL REY TOWER
3650.00000000 CAKERNDelanoWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)88.7DELANO
3650.00000000 CATULAREDinubaWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)95.8DINUBA TOWER
3650.00000000 CAFRESNOFowlerWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)93.8FOWLER WATER TOWER
3650.00000000 CAFRESNOFresnoWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)89.0FRESNO PACIFIC TWR
3650.00000000 CATULAREVisaliaWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)88.2GOSHEN WATER TOWER
3650.00000000 CAFRESNOCoalingaWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)1090.6JOAQUIN RIDGE
3650.00000000 CAFRESNOKermanWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)66.0KERMAN TOWER
3650.00000000 CAFRESNOKingsburgWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)91.6KINGSBURG
3650.00000000 CAKINGSLATONWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)81.1LATON
3650.00000000 CATULARELemon CoveWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)198.0LEMON COVE TOWER
3650.00000000 CAKINGSLemooreWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)70.2LEMOORE TOWER
3650.00000000 CAKERNBakersfieldWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)109.9BAKERSFIELD WEST
3650.00000000 CAMERCEDDos PalosWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)33.9CC 814594 MINT
3650.00000000 CAFRESNOFIREBAUGHWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)57.0CC 845798 NEES
3650.00000000 CAMERCEDLos BanosWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)33.1CC 845858 PACHECO
3650.00000000 CAMADERACowchillaWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)54.9COWCHILLA TOWER
3650.00000000 CAMERCEDDos PalosWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)36.3DOS PALOS TOWER
3650.00000000 CASTANISLAUSSalidaWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)21.6MODESTO NORTH
3650.00000000 CAMERCEDHilmarWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)29.7HILMAR EAST
3650.00000000 CAMERCEDHilmarWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)28.1HILMAR TOWER
3650.00000000 CASTANISLAUSTurlockWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)20.8HILMAR WEST
3650.00000000 CAKERNBakersfieldWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)94.9KDW TOWER
3650.00000000 CASTANISLAUSMODESTOWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)16.8MODESTO WEST
3650.00000000 CAKERNBakersfieldWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)1063.7MT ADELAIDE TOWER
3650.00000000 CASTANISLAUSWestleyWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)1005.9MT OSO
3650.00000000 CAMERCEDMERCEDWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)56.7NEW MERCED TOWER
3650.00000000 CAFRESNOFirebaughWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)628.8PANOCHE TOWER
3650.00000000 CAFRESNOParlierWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)102.9Parlier Tower
3650.00000000 CATULAREPixleyWQIF231unWired Broadband, Inc (Peter L Sorensen)83.1PIXLEY

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