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for KLO329

24 records retrieved

Color Legend: Blue=Motorola, Green=LTR, Yellow=EDACS
FreqTypeStCountyCityCall  LicenseeElevSite Name
460.57500000FB2NYQUEENSNEW YORKKLO329CITY OF NEW YORK (Henry Lukacik)38.0 
460.57500000FBNYQUEENSNEW YORKKLO329CITY OF NEW YORK (Henry Lukacik)38.0 
460.62500000FB2NYQUEENSNEW YORKKLO329CITY OF NEW YORK (Henry Lukacik)38.0 
460.62500000FBNYQUEENSNEW YORKKLO329CITY OF NEW YORK (Henry Lukacik)38.0 
460.57500000FB2NYBRONXBRONXKLO329CITY OF NEW YORK (Henry Lukacik)8.5 
460.57500000FBNYBRONXBRONXKLO329CITY OF NEW YORK (Henry Lukacik)8.5 
460.62500000FB2NYBRONXBRONXKLO329CITY OF NEW YORK (Henry Lukacik)8.5 
460.62500000FBNYBRONXBRONXKLO329CITY OF NEW YORK (Henry Lukacik)8.5 
460.57500000FB2NYBRONXBRONXKLO329CITY OF NEW YORK (Henry Lukacik)33.3 
460.57500000FBNYBRONXBRONXKLO329CITY OF NEW YORK (Henry Lukacik)33.3 
460.62500000FB2NYBRONXBRONXKLO329CITY OF NEW YORK (Henry Lukacik)33.3 
460.62500000FBNYBRONXBRONXKLO329CITY OF NEW YORK (Henry Lukacik)33.3 
460.57500000FB2NYKINGSBROOKLYNKLO329CITY OF NEW YORK (Henry Lukacik)14.0 
460.57500000FBNYKINGSBROOKLYNKLO329CITY OF NEW YORK (Henry Lukacik)14.0 
460.62500000FB2NYKINGSBROOKLYNKLO329CITY OF NEW YORK (Henry Lukacik)14.0 
460.62500000FBNYKINGSBROOKLYNKLO329CITY OF NEW YORK (Henry Lukacik)14.0 
460.57500000FB2NYKINGSBROOKLYNKLO329CITY OF NEW YORK (Henry Lukacik)23.0 
460.57500000FBNYKINGSBROOKLYNKLO329CITY OF NEW YORK (Henry Lukacik)23.0 
460.62500000FB2NYKINGSBROOKLYNKLO329CITY OF NEW YORK (Henry Lukacik)23.0 
460.62500000FBNYKINGSBROOKLYNKLO329CITY OF NEW YORK (Henry Lukacik)23.0 
460.57500000FB2NYKINGSBROOKLYNKLO329CITY OF NEW YORK (Henry Lukacik)11.0 
460.57500000FBNYKINGSBROOKLYNKLO329CITY OF NEW YORK (Henry Lukacik)11.0 
460.62500000FB2NYKINGSBROOKLYNKLO329CITY OF NEW YORK (Henry Lukacik)11.0 
460.62500000FBNYKINGSBROOKLYNKLO329CITY OF NEW YORK (Henry Lukacik)11.0 

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