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for WRKD467

6 records retrieved

Color Legend: Blue=Motorola, Green=LTR, Yellow=EDACS
IndexFreqType  LicenseeElevSite Namelatlon
010915.00000000FXOAMG Technology Investment Group (Jack Marsh)449.3OK-BLAIR-CN134.78025-99.326611
119540.00000000FXOAMG Technology Investment Group (Jack Marsh)449.3OK-BLAIR-CN134.78025-99.326611
210915.00000000FXOAMG Technology Investment Group (Jack Marsh)432.0OK-MARTHACN134.72413-99.383055
319540.00000000FXOAMG Technology Investment Group (Jack Marsh)432.0OK-MARTHACN134.72413-99.383055
410915.00000000FXOAMG Technology Investment Group (Jack Marsh)516.0OKBLAIREA134.77055-99.255083
519540.00000000FXOAMG Technology Investment Group (Jack Marsh)516.0OKBLAIREA134.77055-99.255083

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