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for WPTD247

20 records retrieved

Color Legend: Blue=Motorola, Green=LTR, Yellow=EDACS
IndexFreqType  LicenseeElevSite Namelatlon
075.48000000MONORTHWEST LANDS INC RIDDLE42.94722-123.35694
175.48000000MONORTHWEST LANDS INC COQUILLE43.17888-124.17194
275.48000000MONORTHWEST LANDS INC OAKLAND43.42388-123.28527
375.48000000MONORTHWEST LANDS INC SCOTTSBURG43.65416-123.81666
475.48000000MONORTHWEST LANDS INC COTTAGE GROVE43.79111-123.0875
575.48000000MONORTHWEST LANDS INC OAKRIDGE43.74638-122.44888
675.48000000MONORTHWEST LANDS INC LEABURG44.1075-122.6775
775.48000000MONORTHWEST LANDS INC BLUE RIVER44.15444-122.34166
875.48000000MONORTHWEST LANDS INC NOTI44.05888-123.44916
975.48000000MONORTHWEST LANDS INC MAPLETON44.03083-123.86
1075.48000000MONORTHWEST LANDS INC SWEET HOME44.41722-122.68833
1175.48000000MONORTHWEST LANDS INC ELK CITY44.62083-123.87722
1275.48000000MONORTHWEST LANDS INC KINGS VALLEY44.70666-123.435
1375.48000000MONORTHWEST LANDS INC DETROIT44.73777-122.1425
1475.48000000MONORTHWEST LANDS INC ESTACADA45.29277-122.32083
1575.48000000MONORTHWEST LANDS INC MOLALLA45.15361-122.56527
1675.48000000MONORTHWEST LANDS INC NECANICUM45.90833-123.80194
1775.48000000MONORTHWEST LANDS INC WILLAMINA45.08611-123.48861
1875.48000000MONORTHWEST LANDS INC ST HELENS45.86805-122.81972
1975.48000000MONORTHWEST LANDS INC VERNONIA45.85861-123.19361

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